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How to add a Linkedin Badge to your Facebook

Promote your LinkedIn account with a badge on your Facebook profile. Just enter your LinkedIn username or full url to your LinkedIn profile and choose the style of badge.

Here is a step by step guide to add a Linkedin Badge to a Facebook profile.

Before you begin, log out and then back into Facebook. The site is buggy and often times things should work but don’t.

Step 1 – Assuming to have ADMIN privileges for your Facebook page, login to your Facebook page:

Step 2 – In the upper right “Search” text box, enter “My LinkedIn Profile” and press ENTER.

Step 3 – The app is the first at the top of the list, click “My LinkedIn Profile”

Step 4 – Click ADD TO MY PAGE (top left) and then select the page you want to add it to and click “add to page”

Step 5 – Go back to your Facebook page, and click EDIT PAGE again

Step 6 – You should see “My LinkedIn Profile” in the list of applications, click the pencil/edit icon and select EDIT

Step 7 – You are now on the application details page for your Facebook profile, enter the appropriate LinkedIn url or LinkedIn username and click SAVE

Step 8 – Go back to your Facebook page, and click on the BOXES tab.

Step 9 – The “My LinkedIn Profile” box should be there somewhere, find it and then click it’s pencil/edit icon and select MOVE TO WALL TAB.

Step 10 – Go back to your Facebook page, the box should now be on your wall page.

How to claim your Facebook Fan Page username

1. Go to

2. Select personalized username to see if it is available.

3. Publish your personalized Facebook Fan Page.

PLEASE NOTE: You need a minimum of 25 Facebook Fans to select a personalized username. Make sure that you want to select the name, as Facebook will only allow you to change it once.

“Twelve Priceless Qualities of Success”

“1. The value of time.
2. The success of perseverance.
3. The pleasure of working.
4. The dignity of simplicity.
5. The worth of character.
6. The power of kindness.
7. The influence of example.
8. The obligation of duty.
9. The wisdom of economy.
10. The virtue of patience.
11. The improvement of talent.
12. The joy of originating.”

-Marshall Field


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