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Latino2 Conferencia

Latino2 Conferencia se celebró en Los Angeles Convention Center en Los Angeles, California el 18 de septiembre de 2010. La Conferencia fue un gran éxito. Los principales oradores fueron: Brian Solis , un grupo de latina mamá bloguedoras y panel del desarrollo de Web 2.0 y el futuro. Saludos @tanyasalcido, @craigsalcido, @laflowers de @spanglishbaby, @OCGente, @RobertMoranLA, @mlackey de @zuno, @ketye, @RichMcCarson, @ergeekgoddess, @AnaRC, @antonio, @VPEPR, @MomsRising, @socialstudiola, @TaydeAburto, @DavidVallejo, @mamalatina , @Lisagarciaruiz, @sneakpeekatme, and @CatalinaInLA!

Si te perdiste Latino2 Tour de California # 1 Conferencia, definitivamente no quieren perderse el próximo. Siga @Latino2 y @LatiSM para la fecha próxima gira.

Here is the english version of this artcle: Latino2 California Tour #1 Conference recap

Latino2 California Tour #1 Conference recap


Latino2 Conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on September 18, 2010.  The Conference was a huge success.  The speakers included:  Brian Solis as keynote speaker, a Latina Mommy Bloggers panel and Engaging Latinos & Post 2.0 Agency panel.   There was also an opportunity to meet other Latinos in Social Media face to face.  Shout outs to @tanyasalcido, @craigsalcido, @laflowers of @spanglishbaby@OCGente, @RobertMoranLA, @mlackey of @zuno, @ketye, @RichMcCarson, @ergeekgoddess, @AnaRC@antonio, @VPEPR, @MomsRising, @socialstudiola, @TaydeAburto, @DavidVallejo, @mamalatina , @Lisagarciaruiz, @sneakpeekatme, and @CatalinaInLA!

Here are the takeaways from Latino2 California Tour #1 Conference:

  1. Engage! Stop looking. Introduce more value into your tweets. (@briansolis )
  2. I tweet therefore I am … What you tweet establishes who you are. (@briansolis)
  3. You will be measured by your Klout score.  Your mission is to boost your score. (@briansolis)
  4. The Brand “You” and the Brand you represent, will soon arrive at a crossroads. (@briansolis)
  5. Life is too short. Challenge yourself. Start writing your own success story. (@briansolis)
  6. You can’t be successful in Social Media unless you understand people. (@briansolis)
  7. Women Rule Social Media.  Women are more Influential. (@briansolis)
  8. Best time to send a tweet. (source: (@briansolis)
  9. Social media is about Sociology & Psychology more than Technology. (@briansolis)
  10. Inception – We are the architects of our own experience. (@briansolis)
  11. Six Degrees of Separation is now Four. (You -> Friend -> Friend w/ Friends -> Someone you are looking for). (@briansolis)
  12. Content Context is KING! (@briansolis)
  13. EVERYTHING begins with ME – – The “ME” in Social “ME”dia. (@briansolis)
  14. Latinos are the original ReTweeters … Oye mami…  ( @giorodriguez )
  15. Why interest in Latino Influence? A: We are growing faster. We are aging slower and join faster. ( @giorodriguez )
  16. Latina Mommy Bloggers @mamalatina @spanglishbaby @thoughtsofamomy @mothertalkers rocked the house!
  17. Are Latinos more social? A: For Latinos Social Media is in our blood. (@AnaRC )
  18. Latinos unidos jamás serán vencidos. ( @AnaRC )
  19. Everybody needs to know digital because it’s the future. Punto y aparte.  ( KetyE )
  20. Latino2 & LatiSM was awesome!  Loved the Latin music during breaks and the after party at La Fonda.  Special thanks to @billwalsh360 for his business coaching.  Congratulations on success of @Latino2conf! @giorodriguez @antonio @DavidVallejo @mlackey @jennifervides @tanyasalcido @ergeekgoddess @AnaRC

WooHooo!  I’m still full of energy from Latino2.   If you missed Latino2 California Tour #1 Conference you definitely don’t want to miss the next one.  Follow Latino2 and LatiSM for the next tour dates.

What were your takeaways from the conference?

ConnectOC 2.0 Recipe for Success

What do you get when you throw 500+ OC Professionals into a luxurious lounge, add delicious food,  toss in a silent auction and sprinkle it with entrepreneurship & networking?  The largest Social Networking group in Southern California, ConnectOC!

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Improve Your Twitter Communication

Here is an excellent video to improve the way you communicate on Twitter.  In this video Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents shares his advise on the value in what people are saying on Twitter and the business opportunities Social Media tools provide.  You will be compelled to change the way you engage on Twitter after watching this video!  Enjoy!


Summary of tips  provided by Chris Brogan:

1. Listen more.  Twitter has a great search tool. If you spend time listening to what people are saying on Twitter you can formulate an  opinion on what people are saying about a person, product, brand and your company.

2. Spend 12 times as much time talking about other people as you do yourself. Find other people’s good stuff and point it out to others. The more you talk about other people the more it is a gift to others and a way to build Respect, Reputation and Trust.

3. Use more time replying to people. When you respond to people during the day and the people around you will recognize that there is another person there and make people feel “seen”.  It is a magical difference!

4. “Do not go wherever the road may lead but go where there is no road and leave a trail.  The opportunity to innovate starts with doing something that hasn’t been done yet, not by looking for how everyone else is doing it.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Will you change the way you collaborate after watching this video?

9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance



The 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance is on Saturday, September 11, 2010.  It is an excellent way to get involved and strengthen your community by taking the time to help a neighbor, a school or local nonprofitContinue reading “9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance” »

I Love Being a Geek

It’s fun being a geek and celebrating technology.  If you agree, download this button and display it with pride and link it to something that reflects your admiration for all things geek.  I Love being a Geek!


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