Mobher Operation Glory FlashMob at #Blogher11? You betcha!

Almost two weeks ago I attended BlogHer ’11 conference.  Today, I was thinking about some of my most memorable moments at BlogHer ’11 and  I must say that dancing in the Mobher Operation Glory Flash Mob is at the top.   So you’re probably wondering, how did this happen to geeky me?

I received a note from one of my Facebook groups looking for extroverts.   I thought to myself, “Am I an extrovert?  You betcha! You can count me in.  Raising Hands up High.”  I was immediately added to the group and wondered, “What could this be?  What have I done?”  Within a couple of minutes I realized that I had joined a SECRET Blogher Flashmob organized by Theresa (Rock on Mommies) and Mary (The Mama Mary Show).    I was stoked!  Finally, I get to cross the item from my bucket list!

The preparation for the Flashmob was like a covert operation.  We had practices via private videos on Facebook and  a live practices via Ustream.  I quietly practiced when no one was awake to try to perfect the moves. As the BIG day drew closer, I could do very little to contain my excitement!

The big day had arrived. I was a little nervous, but the anticipation  helped calm me.    My friend Margo (This is Nacho Mama’s Blog) and I sat next to each other with Manny ( PapiBlogger), Tracey (One Brown Girl) and some new friends.   As soon as the music started I realized, “This is the point of no return.”   If I get up, I better keep going.”  I got up on cue and danced with some amazing ladies, received a lot of big hugs and made some new friendships.

Photo courtesy Lindsey G (@modchik)

Photo courtesy Lindsey G (@modchik)

So be warned, if any of the ladies from Operation Mobher happen to be hanging out with you and this song comes on, don’t be surprised if we break out into a Flashmob! Yes, Bloggers can dance and you may want to join us.

Thank you Mary & Theresa for putting this memorable event together and all the work you did to choreograph the moves, sing for us during our practices and encouragement you gave  us online and in person to stick with it.  Thank you MobHer Operation Glory ladies, let’s do this again! Let’s wear our badges with pride. You ladies ALL truly rock!

Hugs & Besos,


Let’s Talk about it?  Did you participate in the FlashMob? Would you be interested in participating in a future FlashMob? What’s on your bucket list?

Eva Smith

Publisher at Tech Life Magazine
Eva is an award winning entrepreneur and Publisher of Tech Life Magazine. She has been recognized by Ford Motor Company as a Mujer Legendaria Inteligente (Smart Entrepreneur), USA Today Magazine as a Top Blogger to Watch and Latina Magazine as a Top 25 Latinas Who Shine in Technology. Her work has also been featured on Mashable,, Babble, Baby Center,, USA Today, Latina Magazine, Huffington Post, National Parks Services, Voxxi, NBC Latino, Rolling Stone Magazine & more.She is technologist, engineer, bilingual freelance writer, speaker and digital media consultant.


  1. I love it you are in the green dress with a post mobher hug!! Well done Eva!

  2. So happy you joined in on the fun! It truly was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! Ready to do it again next year? : )


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