The Sweet 16 New Relationship Marketing Tips

Mari Smith grew up in British Columbia and came to San Diego in 1999 with determination and a big dream.  She is a successful Entrepreneur and is considered the Thought Leader among all Facebook marketing  and Social Media Marketing experts.  She is the REAL deal folks!   The turquoise loving author captured the attention and the hearts  of Southern California’s influential Social Media professionals and Entrepreneurs at LinkedOC, where she was the keynote speaker.  She is a powerful speaker with a captivating smile, contagious energy and the best Social Media  advice I have ever received.

Mari  shared some principles from her new book,  The New Relationship Marketing – How to Build a Large, Loyal, Profitable Network Using the Social Web” which will launch October 25, 2011.  She also provided some tips on how to become a significant “center of influence” for your customers and prospects, explained the unspoken rules of online etiquette, detailed the unique cultures of Facebook, Twitter, and other popular online platforms, and how to automate and delegate to build your social media persona, yet still retain the personal touch.

Here are Sweet 16 New Relationship tips Mari Smith  shared:

  1. To be successful in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and other popular online platforms)  you need Technology skills & soft skills (people skills, compassion, ability to feel between the lines and be emotionally intelligent. What the world needs more of is people who are emotional intelligent.
  2. People who use Social Media have several fears including that people will think they share too much or that they may come across as having big ego. To overcome your fears in Social Media make sure to put people first. Be a champion for others.
  3. Before you send out a tweet ask yourself, what is my deepest intent.
  4. Your Twitter background is one of most unused pieces of valuable property.
  5. New Marketing is about Relationships not “the medium”.
  6. Time is a great equalizer.  To protect your time, spend 20% time on Facebook/Twitter & 80% of your time looking for and curating other people’s’ content (OPC).   Make the OPC your own by adding comments or your opinions to your tweets.
  7. 80% of people live in Central time.  Schedule your tweets accordingly to capture the largest audience.
  8. Unspoken rules of online etiquette—and the common “turnoffs” that drive customers and potential partners away.  You don’t need to post a lot of content. If you over tweet people will be turned off and hide you.
  9. Be consistent in the amount of time you spend sharing content,  even if you just post once a day.
  10. It’s better to post links manually and not through applications that share links.   Using an application too much can lower your  Klout score.
  11. No amount of sophisticated technology will ever replace In Real Life (meeting).  Always greet someone by their first name.  Using someone’s first name is the sweetest word in that person’s vocabulary.
  12. To Build a Large and Profitable Network Focus on quality then the quantity comes. Focus on delivering good content and the large following will come over time. If you strive for excellence in everything you do, it transcends everywhere.
  13. The GOLD is in the relationships you have with the email lists.
  14. The 4 Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best
  15. To become a significant “center of influence” for your customers and prospects be known as go to source.  Have opinion and put it out there to get better.  When you tweet,you’ll get better RT rates if you add a comment to your tweets.
  16. Use a four par formula [1] Quality content, Pick and curate the best content [2] Quality network.  Purge people with [3] Be consistent in your tweeting  even if its one time per day [4] Be authentic. Caring for people.

I embrace Mari’s New Media advice and agree that people who use Social Media with a focus on the relationships will be more successful when you are personable and genuinely engage with your followers.  I’m  looking forward to reading the book next month.  If you are currently looking for ways to improve your Twitter and Facebook engagement and tips on being more influential in your network, bookmark this page and practice at least one or two of these Sweet 16 New Relationship Principles daily.

Let’s talk about it:  Are you looking for ways to improve your Facebook/Twitter engagement? What is your favorite New Media Relationship marketing tip?  How will you use these tips to become the center of influence among your clients and prospects?

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Eva Smith

Publisher at Tech Life Magazine
Eva is an award winning entrepreneur and Publisher of Tech Life Magazine. She has been recognized by Ford Motor Company as a Mujer Legendaria Inteligente (Smart Entrepreneur), USA Today Magazine as a Top Blogger to Watch and Latina Magazine as a Top 25 Latinas Who Shine in Technology. Her work has also been featured on Mashable,, Babble, Baby Center,, USA Today, Latina Magazine, Huffington Post, National Parks Services, Voxxi, NBC Latino, Rolling Stone Magazine & more.She is technologist, engineer, bilingual freelance writer, speaker and digital media consultant.


  1. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely put them to good use. Mari is awesome.

  2. Thanks, Eva. Very helpful information succinctly summmarized. Thanks for taking the time to share.


  3. E, these are great! I had no idea 80% of ppl are in Central time. Wow. Do you know how that could change things! I love it. Kinda works for me since I’m not up until 9, which means my 1st tweet isn’t until about 9:30 est. Also didn’t know 3rd party apps for using links lowers Klout scores. Todo esto fue super interesante and great to know, print and keep pinned in office. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  4. Great tips! Thanks for sharing – this is something to print out and keep with me.

  5. Great tips, Eva! Thanks for sharing. Super necessary.

  6. Thank you, I did not know about the correlation with Klout and using shaing apps.

  7. Thanks for sharing Eva! great great tips!

  8. So incredibly helpful! Totally honing in on the time difference tip.

  9. I love the people skills part of building your empire….. now I need to learn to get technical.

  10. I need to learn how to manage my social media time better. I am on FB due to groups and networking way too much and am obsessed with Tweeting because I love sharing with my readers and am obsessed with my Klout score!

  11. These are awesome tips, loved 4 and7. Stumbled this post!

  12. Great recap, Eva! Thanks for sharing these tips. Mari offered some great incite to the value of relationships.


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