Tech.Food.Life. Holiday Giveaway: Seattle’s Best Coffee ‘Level System’

I received a basket of  Seattle’s Best Coffee ‘Level System’ to taste this month.   I was very impressed by the Level System because it gives you options to select from.  I  tasted the coffees with my family using the “curiosity pak”, which is a sampler of the Level system.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and went home with their favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee.   It was so much fun!  I would definitely recommend the Level System curiosity pak for a coffee tasting for family or friends.

The Seattle’s Best Coffee ‘Level System’ is great for coffee lovers with distinctive coffee tasting preferences.  After tasting the curiosity pack I was able to find my taste preference.  It was as simple as 1-2-3-4-5.

Here is the summary of each level:

Level 1:   light, mild, crisp. Happily pragmatic, you enjoy the simpler things in life. People love your easygoing spirit. If there were a lot more people like you, we’d hear a lot fewer car horns and see a lot more smiles.   This level was very mild.

Leve 2:  Bright, lively, easy drinking.  Spontaneous and fun, you’re a curious optimist. Fond of going off the beaten path, you enjoy creating your own adventures and seeing where your heart leads you.   My favorite.  I literally drank the entire pot of coffee with 2 other family members.  This was so delicious, we made 2 pots of coffee.

Level 3:  Balanced, smooth, full-flavored. Quick on the draw, you’re ready for just about anything. Adept at problem solving, you might be found playing chess, building a tree house or negotiating a business deal.  We were starting to get into the Bold country territory.  The men in our family applauded this.

Leve 4:  Rich, elegant, complex. You’re quite the mystery. Even if you were an open book, it would be written in hieroglyphics. Both wise and clever, you’re well respected by everyone who knows you.  Another perfect match for the men in my family that prefer straight black coffee without sugar and cream.

Level 5: Bold, dark, intense. When you walk into a room, everybody notices. You’ve never lost a staring contest. Self-assured and focused, you’ve got what it takes to be a leader in both work and play.  This was my sister’s favorite.

In addition to the above Level system, I received a Decaf Level 3 Hazel nut (H)  and Cinnamon (C) flavored coffees.  All the coffees were delicious.  My favorite coffee was the Level 2.  Thank you Seattle’s Best for this Coffee Tasting experience.

I’m so excited to share with my readers that Seattle’s Best will also be providing a FREE gift basket to one of my lucky readers.   This is perfect timing for a Holiday get together or to enjoy with your family.

To enter Giveaway:

1) Tell Me What is your favorite way to drink your coffee and/or what do you like to pair your coffee with below.
2) EXTRA ENTRY: “Like”  Eva Smith | Blog Facebook page and tell me that you did so in the comments below.

RULES: The person with the best comment will be selected and announced on Thursday, November 17th at 8pm PST.  For those of you that want to taste Seattle’s Coffee immediately, you can download a $1 coupon towards a 12 oz bag HERE.


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Happy Holiday’s



I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received a curiosity pak and gift basket for tasting.  ALL opinions are my own.

Eva Smith

Publisher at Tech Life Magazine
Eva is an award winning entrepreneur and Publisher of Tech Life Magazine. She has been recognized by Ford Motor Company as a Mujer Legendaria Inteligente (Smart Entrepreneur), USA Today Magazine as a Top Blogger to Watch and Latina Magazine as a Top 25 Latinas Who Shine in Technology. Her work has also been featured on Mashable,, Babble, Baby Center,, USA Today, Latina Magazine, Huffington Post, National Parks Services, Voxxi, NBC Latino, Rolling Stone Magazine & more.She is technologist, engineer, bilingual freelance writer, speaker and digital media consultant.


  1. I love to drink my coffee from a big mug, with a lot of soy milk, grated nutmeg and chocolate shavings on the top 🙂 When I have a coffee, I like to accompany it with a home-made dessert, and nothing beats a slice of home-made sacher cake!

  2. I like the packaging…. so cute and colorful. You’ve peaked my interest to try the coffee. xoxo

  3. Wooooooouuuuuu este giveaway esta hecho para mi casa! Mi esposo y yo somos amantes del cafe y lo disfrutamos a cualquier hora! Mi momento preferido es en la manana cuando podemos pasar mas tiempo juntos. El disfruta del cafe negro, no leche , no azúcar , no nada. Yo, por el contrario, me encanta el Latte, mas leche que cafe!

  4. I Like Eva Smith Blog Facebook page

  5. The best way to drink coffee is with amazing company or a great book! I love to enjoy my Level 5 Seattle’s Best with a touch of almond milk and a dash of nutmeg! It’s like a cup of comfort for me on chilly nights.

  6. I’m a coffee purist….a big mug of hot, strong coffee with just a bit of evaporated milk and I’m in heaven. My husband and I share a pot in the morning (usually a Level 3, 4 or 5) and a pot in the evening (Level 1, 2 or 3 does the trick!). Can’t do without our Seattle’s Best!!

  7. My sister puts in a lot of cream. I’m not the coffee drinker, but she loves it.

  8. Brad Grimpe says:

    My favorite way to drink my coffee is in bed on a Sunday morning, reading the paper with my wife with our dog lying at the foot of the bed and the quiet sounds of our children sleeping in.

  9. I like to put a little orange juice in my coffee to give it a little citrus taste, although mostly I will just drink it with sugar and milk.

    And I liked Eva Smith on Facebook

  10. Isabel Garcia says:

    I enjoy a cup of coffee with milk while spending quality time with my family!

  11. I like my coffee strong and black with a morning pastry, or with this weather, in the afternoon curled up on the couch warming my hands and my tummy accompanied by a biscotti .

  12. Also like Eva Smiths Blog Facebook Page!

  13. I like to drink my coffee with light cream and sugar & sometimes a muffin or cookie 🙂

  14. Shirley Dubon says:

    My husband and I are in love with Seattle’s best coffee,we drink it every morning! We like to enjoy this exquisite drink on a cool evening on the patio with a piece of homemade dark chocolate cake:)

  15. Shirley Dubon says:

    I like Eva Smiths Blog Facebook page:)

  16. I’m not sure if I qualify, but I’m a #5!!! My cafe con leche has to be bold, intense (espresso) with whole milk (for guests it’s half and half), cinnamon, and a drop of vanilla extract. Tomorrow is national cappuccino day so I kinda talk all about my coffee habits in that post. LOL Best, Li

  17. When I worked at Borders Books I got to drink this coffee 5 days a week. My favorite is Level 4 and the Cinnamon is also pretty dang good. My favorite way to drink coffee is with a splash of milk and a good book.

  18. I drink coffee. All day long. I cannot live without it.

  19. you had me at coffee.. I’m in! Thanks for sharing!

  20. …with pan dulce!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I could use a chic coffee maker in my apartment 😉

  22. I like to drink my cafe con leche with 1/3 espresso and 2/3 2% milk. It has to have “espumita” on top or it does not taste the same. I like it with a glass of water.

  23. aubreylaine says:

    I like skim milk & Splenda in my coffee 🙂
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  24. I like my coffee with cream and splenda

  25. I like skim milk and sugar in my coffee 🙂

    • Also, lately, I’ve been pairing my morning coffee with either a banana nut muffin or a pumpkin spice muffin. Yum! 🙂

  26. I like you on fb as Dee G

  27. I drink my coffee with flavored creamer and sugar.

  28. I like Eva Smith on fb.

  29. Oh now this is my kind of giveaway!! My fave way to drink coffee would be at my local dive restaurant. Me and the boo go have breakfast at this little hole in the wall place just a block away from home. They have good food and we go there every weekend. The waitress are nice and knows us. As soon as we sit down they bring us coffee, one girl even knows I like the vanilla flavored coffee. We sit there eat our breakfast with our coffee, chat and catch up on the neighborhood chisme. Cup, after cup we just love the atmosphere the people and food. The coffee just makes it all better….what can I say, I’m addicated to coffee. But there are worse things to be addicted too! 😛

  30. you been liked on facebook!!

  31. My morning cafecito is my “quiet” time, when I wake up early and start reading the “newspapers” online. The smell of coffee wafts through the house when it’s still dark and helps me focus and get my day and assignments organized. It’s starting on the right foot.

  32. To me there is nothing more soothing than a cup of hot coffee shared with my girlfriends after a long training run. Coffee is known to help repair those sore muscles in more ways than one! I love my cup of joe with a little milk, protein powder and agave nectar! Yummo!

  33. I like you on Facebook…Thx for the reminder to sign up! 🙂

  34. amanda yanni says:

    I like to sip hot coffee with french vanilla creamer while watching the sunrise with my hubby.

    PS. I liked your Facebook blog page 🙂

  35. I like mine black with some “canelitas” on the side. Delicioso!

  36. i follow you on facebook


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