The Importance of Hispanic Oral Care

I recently read  Hispanics Open Up About Oral Care mini-report led by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and sponsored by P&G, Crest and Oral-B which indicates that 73% of U.S. Hispanics rate their overall oral health as “excellent”or “good”.  The survey was given to 2000 people, including 1000 Hispanics and includes some shocking statistics about the state of oral care among Hispanics.

I was shocked to learn that approximately 16 million Hispanic adults do not have access to healthcare. I was also surprised to learn that  Hispanics have a lot of miconceptions about oral care and that 18% of Hispanics had not seen a dentist in one year.    This report had me thinking about our oral care and what we can do as parents to help improve the state of oral care in our children and families.

According to the survey Hispanics believe that better access to affordable oral healthcare, Spanish speaking dentists and more information about healthy oral care would help improve oral health care.  I certainly agree with the report. As parents its very important for us to take control of our oral healthcare because ignoring minor symptoms can lead to more serious illness such as heart disease, stroke or diabetes.  Most importantly, some of the diseases which are a result of neglected oral care are preventable.

Some of the healthy oral care tips we can pass along to our kids includes:

  1. Making healthy oral care a priority by instilling routines for brushing our teeth 2 to 3 times per day, including in the morning, after meals and before bedtime.
  2. Making appointments with the dentist once or twice a year for teeth cleaning and dental checkup.
  3. Proactively seeking dental checkups when you feel oral discomfort even if its minor pain.
  4. Show our children how to take control of their oral care at a young age by demonstrating to to them how to make an appointment with the dentists at an early age.
  5. As parents we should take a key role in teaching our kids healthy oral care, not just the schools and dentists.

I want to make a difference by helping educate my community about this survey and sharing the materials to you to share as well.   It’s my personal belief that we all need to take a role to educate our children and each other about the importance of this survey.

You can download the  Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), Crest and Oral-B mini report and brochure to share with your colleagues, family and friends by accessing the following links:

(HDA), Crest and Oral-B Hispanics Open Up About Oral Care mini report

(HDA), Crest and Oral-B  Hispanics Open Up About Oral Care brochure

Go to for more information about the survey.

Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a compensated campaign with Procter & Gamble and Latina Mom Bloggers .  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Eva Smith

Publisher at Tech Life Magazine
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