A Bedtime Story and Milk Help Children Sleep Better and $40 Walmart Giveaway #POSITIVISMO

Sep 28, 12 A Bedtime Story and Milk Help Children Sleep Better and $40 Walmart Giveaway #POSITIVISMO

Reading to children can provide a lot of benefits including strengthening the bond between parents and their children.   By now you know that giving your children milk before bedtime may help them sleep better and be more alert and aware the following morning.  There is a new collection of bedtime stories that were developed to encourage kids to drink milk while the story is being read to them. The books provide a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with your children, while helping them to get a good night’s sleep.

My favorite book is El Mal Humor de Benito.  All the books are bilingual and will not only help your child learn to read in multiple languages, but also encourages kids to have a glass of milk before they go to bed.  Benito the Elephant has a bad attitude to the point that a lot of the friends around him don’t want to be around him.    This story encourages children going through a similar situation and has a positive ending.

Download bedtime stories from www.otroscuentos.com to read to your children while drinking milk.

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To help you prepare your child for bedtime at home El Maestro is providing one of my readers with a $40 Walmart Giftcard and a FREE hard copy of your child’s favorite bedtime story. Follow the instructions below to win it!

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.  This giveaway is open to to US entries only. 18 and up. 


  1. Maria /

    All the books are my favorite

  2. Janice B. /

    My favorite book is El Mar Humor de Benito

  3. melissa Resnick /

    green eggs and ham

  4. tiffany lane /

    Go Dog Go

  5. michelle colon /

    i would love to read books in spanish to my kids and one about my fav the elephant would be awesome

  6. Adrienne gordon /

    Goodnight Moon

  7. Margaret Smith /

    The Lake’s secret looks really good.
    Thanks so much.

  8. My all time favorite book is Charlotte’s Web, both hearing it and reading it myself.

  9. Lisa Brown /

    I like Benito, the Grumpy Elephant

  10. Kenny F /

    green eggs and ham

  11. Katherine /

    El Secreto Del lago

  12. Stefanie Gladden /

    i love El Mar Humor de Benito

  13. There are so many great children’s books at the local library, including bilingual books! Awesome post!

  14. Rich Morris /

    we like Un Dia Con Pedro: A Day with Pedro

  15. Un Dia Con Pedro looks good! I would love to read it to my son and then have Hubby explain it to him!

  16. colleen boudreau /

    Goodnight Moon.

  17. Kelly H. /

    I would choose La Sed de Carlitos.

  18. Heather S /

    Un Dia Con Pedro looks like a good one.

  19. Rich Morris /

    we like A Day With Pedro

  20. Tabathia B /

    I like la sed de carlitos

  21. Karen Medlin /


  22. Nicole L. /

    I like a day with pedro.

  23. renee walters /

    I like Un Dia Con Pedro: A Day with Pedro!

  24. Barbara Montag /

    Favorite – Thirsty Carlitos.
    Thank you.

  25. Anastasia /

    I’d have to pick Elena La Mona Ruidosa :)

  26. Katherine /

    i like El Secreto Del lago

  27. g. penrod /

    charlots web

  28. Cynthia C /

    I like A Day With Pedro

  29. Stephanie /

    El Mar Humor de Benito

  30. debbie /

    We would like un dia con pedro.

  31. Sarah Hirsch /

    un dia con pedro

  32. Alexis /

    Goodnight Moon



  34. Suzanne K /

    El Secreto Del Lago

  35. michelle /

    Un Dia Con Pedro – cute



  37. El Secreto Del lago.

  38. Dwayne Berry /

    El Secreto Del Lago

  39. Michelle Bryan /

    un dia con Pedro

  40. Un Dia Con Pedro.

  41. colleen boudreau /

    green eggs and ham

  42. dinahagarcia@hotmail.com /

    good night moon.

  43. El Mar Humor de Benito

  44. Kelly D /

    I like El Secreto Del Lago

  45. Erica Barnes /

    Good Night Moon.

  46. Amanda Sakovitz /

    Goodnight Moon

  47. Jessica /

    Goodnight moon !! <3

  48. Thomas Murphy /

    I like the The Lake’s secret

  49. paige chandler /

    My daughter would love El Mar Humor de Benito

  50. I like El Secreto Del Lago

  51. Tina M /

    the lake’s secret

  52. Marcia Goss /

    My favorite is Benito the Grumpy Elephant.

  53. Ashley Hatten /

    A lot of otters

  54. Rich Morris /

    i like a day with pedro

  55. Lilyana /

    our favorite story is Elena the Slurping Monkey!!!

  56. Katherine /

    El Secreto Del Lago it is

  57. I like Goodnight Moon

  58. Margaret Smith /

    The Rainbow fish

  59. Sabrina /

    A day with pedro !!

  60. El Secreto Del Lago looks good.

  61. El Secreto Del lago

  62. Amanda Sakovitz /

    El Secreto Del Lago



  64. colleen boudreau /

    Go Dog Go

  65. Marcia Goss /

    I like Benito the Grumpy Elephant.

  66. Barbara Montag /

    10 11 Favorite – Thirsty Carlitos

  67. Thomas Murphy /

    Goodnight Moon

  68. Hadley /

    Benito the Grumpy Elephant

  69. “Goodnight Moon” is still a favorite book of ours.

  70. Casey Everidge /

    goodnight moon

  71. Tabathia B /

    goodnight moon

  72. Rich Morris /

    i would like to read A day with pedro

  73. green eggs and ham

  74. Katherine /

    Goodnight MOon

  75. colleen boudreau /

    charlots web

  76. Jennifer /

    A day with pedro!

  77. El Mar Humor de Benito.

  78. Marcia Goss /

    My all-time favorite is Goodnight Moon.

  79. Kristy Thiel /

    Green Eggs and Ham!

  80. Thomas Murphy /

    Go Dog Go

  81. Kyl Neusch /

    El Mar Humor de Benito

  82. Amanda Sakovitz /

    Goodnight Moon 10.12

  83. Nataly Carbonell /

    I like el secreto de Lago :)

  84. Kathleen /

    Un Dia Con Pedro

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  85. Carolyn G /

    Un dia con Pedro

  86. Mary Happymommy /


  87. Patricia Treskovich /

    Un Dia Con Pedro is cute

  88. Cody Anderson /

    El Mar Humor de Benito

  89. Rich Morris /

    i also love goodnight moon

  90. Barbara Montag /

    10 13 Favorite – Thirsty Carlitos

  91. My daughter loves this book titled Big Sister Little Sister Big Brother Little Brother

  92. Stephanie Larison /

    I really like a day with pedro

  93. Katherine /

    The elves and the shoemaker

  94. Mary Casper /

    a day with pedro

  95. Michelle Small /

    I like “A Day with Pedro!”

  96. Nataly Carbonell /

    Elena la mona ruidoso :D

  97. colleen boudreau /

    The Lake’s secret

  98. Valerie Taylor Mabrey /

    El Mar Humor de Benito
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  99. Marcia Goss /

    Benito the Grumpy Elephant.

  100. Benito the Grumpy Elephant

  101. El Mar Humor de Benito

  102. A friend for Pablo (I looked at it in English)

  103. Tabathia B /

    El Mar Humor de Benito

  104. valerie /

    un dia con pedro

  105. Rich Morris /

    my kids also enjoy “goodnight moon”

  106. judy gardner /

    i’ll love you forever

  107. Marcia Goss /

    I would like to read Benito the Grumpy Elephant to my granddaughter.

  108. Hollie Jahnke /

    Elena the slurping monkey.

  109. Katherine /

    We like the Elves and the shoemaker

  110. Denise S /

    El Secreto Del Lago

  111. Erika P. /

    Dante’s Monstrous Monsters.

  112. Nataly Carbonell /

    La sed de carlitos :}

  113. Amanda Sakovitz /

    Goodnight Moon 10.14

  114. Barbara Montag /

    10 14 Favorite – Thirsty Carlitos

  115. Benito the Grumpy Elephant 10/14

  116. Una Dia con Pedro!

  117. Linda Lansford /

    I choose La Sed de Carlitos

  118. Steve Stone /

    Goodnight Moon

  119. Karen Gonyea /

    Wynken Blynken and Nod :)

  120. brittney /

    good night moon
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  121. Daniel M /

    Benito the Grumpy Elephant!

  122. Ellie W /

    Benito, the Grumpy Elephant

  123. Ellen B /

    goodnight moon

  124. Tabathia B /

    los monstruosos monstrous de dante

  125. Rich Morris /

    we like to read goodnight moon

  126. Amber Warfield /

    Benito, The Grumpy Elephant looks adorable.

  127. Caryn S /

    Un Dia Con Pedro: A Day with Pedro

  128. micheal dale grim /

    i would have to say goodnight moon is my fav!!!

  129. sataye /

    I like A Day with Pedro!

  130. Barbara Montag /

    10 15 Favorite – Thirsty Carlitos

  131. Wendy Kroy /

    Las Olas de la Luna

  132. Colleen Fowler /

    Goodnight Moon has ALWAYS been my favorite!

  133. Colleen Fowler /

    thirsty carlitos

  134. Elena la mona ruidosa

  135. MelissaO /

    They all look adorable, but I would particularly love to see Un Dia con Pedro.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  136. Thomas Murphy /

    i like El Secreto Del lago

  137. Marcia Goss /

    I like Benito the grumpy Elephant.

  138. Nicole D. /


  139. Benito the Grumpy Elephant. Thank you!

  140. Id get my daughter go dog go because she loves dogs

  141. Amanda Sakovitz /

    Goodnight Moon 10.15

  142. Debra Hall /

    La sed de Carlitos

  143. Nataly Carbonell /

    el secreto del lago

  144. Debra Ford /

    I like A Day With Pedro

  145. Richard Hicks /

    I like La sed de Carlitos

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  146. Ellen B /

    A day with pedro

  147. Dante’s Monstrous Monsters (Los Monstruosos Monstruos de Dante) es muy bueno… so cute!

  148. Anthony /

    El Mar Humor de Benito

  149. Tabathia B /

    la sed de carlitos

  150. Jessica Vaughan Gengler /

    like Goodnight Moon

  151. Stephanie /

    El Secreto del Lago

  152. Lindsey M /

    My kids love the gruffalo

  153. Rich Morris /

    Goodnight moon 10/16

  154. Brittney House /

    Benito, the Grumpy Elephant

  155. dani marie /

    El Secreto Del lago

  156. Jacob LaFountaine /

    Elena La Mona Ruidosa

  157. Angela Cisco /

    I like Goodnight moon. A Day With Pedro sounds good

  158. joseph gersch jr /

    Goodnight Moon

  159. Crystal F /

    I would like to read Elena La Mona Ruidosa. thank you

  160. Marcia Goss /

    Benito the Grumpy Elephant sounds like a book my granddaughter would like!

  161. Katherine /

    I’ll Love you Forever

  162. Benito, the Grumpy Elephant

  163. amy deeter /

    Go Dog Go

  164. Shirley Hicks /

    A Day With Pedro

  165. Erica C. /

    Thirsty Carlitos sounds good.

  166. Amanda Sakovitz /

    Goodnight Moon 10.16

  167. Tanya Bartlett /

    Sleeping Beauty

  168. Aubrey /

    benito the grumpy elephant

  169. Jessica Rose /

    A Day with Pedro

  170. JoAnn F. /

    A Day with Pedro
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  171. I’ll Love you Forever

  172. Ericka /

    Elena La Mona Ruidosa looks like it would be a great bedtime book

  173. Jodi J. /

    The Lake’s Secret

  174. Ellen B /

    The lakes secret

  175. Thomas Murphy /

    I like El Mar Humor de Benito

  176. Richard Hicks /

    like un dia con pedro
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  177. Nataly Carbonell /

    la sed de carlitos

  178. Valerie Taylor Mabrey /

    Las Olas de la Luna
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  179. colleen boudreau /

    I’ll Love you Forever

  180. Jennifer Peaslee /

    My favorite is El Malhumor de Benito

  181. Tracie Trump /

    Love Benito the Grumpy Elephant, my fb is Michelle Trump and email is tracietrump@yahoo.com

  182. Stacey B /

    “A Day With Pedro” looks like a book my kids would like!

  183. El Secreto Del Lago

  184. Marianna /

    Un Dia con Pedro

  185. Susan Smith /

    Un Dia Con Pedro: A Day with Pedro

  186. Ed Nemmers /

    “Goodnight Moon”!

  187. Kenny F /

    All the books are my favorite

  188. Kenny F /

    All the books are my favorite!

  189. shawna /

    Green Eggs and Ham!

  190. Marla Bland /

    I would like The Lake’s Secret

  191. sheryl cullum /

    Goodnight moon

  192. Lyndsey R. /

    Goodnight Moon

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  193. Benito the Grumpy Elephant.

  194. Barbara Montag /

    10 16 favorite – Thirsty Carlitos

  195. W Shifflette /

    I like A day with Pedro

  196. Angela W /

    Benito, the Grumpy Elephant

  197. Christie /

    Favorite book was Charlotte’s Web

  198. Jaclyn Reynolds /

    Las Olas de la luna looks really nice!

  199. julie hawkins /

    I like un dia con pedro

  200. Jessica /

    I like Elena The Slurping Monkey

  201. Samantha Meyer /

    A day with pedro looks like a good story

  202. Jennifer /

    Translated to English- Benito the Grumpy Elephant.

  203. Breanne /

    The Waves on the Moon

  204. Debbie Ritenour /

    the waves on the moon

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