How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms [infographic]

Jul 30, 13 How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms [infographic]

A great Infographic that details the perfect way to create posts for social media platforms and maximize your efforts in the Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.  This is a great cheet sheet!



Image Courtesy of My Clever Agency.


  1. I find those best/worst times to make social media posts so funny, because for me they usually work out very much opposite to what is advised. My readers are insomniacs and night owls like me, so I tend to do better posting late at night! :-)

  2. Amazing infograph. It’s interesting how the times of shares/etc on Twitter and Facebook have such a large influence in the success of an individual message. Timing, days and times of the day, is so important. I love the infographic – amazing.


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