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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by Latina Bloggers Connect and AT&T.  However, all opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the It Can Wait movement.  The campaign is educating people  on the dangers  and consequences of texting and driving with videos and personal stories of families impacted by texting and driving incidents.   The movement is championed by several carriers and  has enabled millions of people to take a pledge and make an important lifelong decision for their safety.   The primary goal of the It Can Wait movement is to save lives.  I learned that people who read and send messages are more likely to be in a crash than those that don’t.   I also learned the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day—known as the 100 Deadliest Days on the roads for teen drivers.


Drive Mode Application

I was able to test a simulation application, AT & T Drive mode app a couple weeks ago and to learn the impact that texting and driving can have on our life.     The texting and driving simulator app is a great way to experience first hand the difficultly someone can have driving a vehicle when texting.

The application is easy to install and test.  The driving & texting simulator  is very realistic and provides real life scenarios of texting and driving.  While testing the application I had a conversation with my young adult child who informed me that it is very common for teen drivers to text and drive.  After researching for myself I found that over 40% of teens text and drive.  


You can test the application by yourself  or with  friend at www.itcanwaitsimulator.org.   The application will send you a series of text messages and let you test drive a car.   I urge you to take the challenge by yourself, with friends or your entire family.  Take a couple of minutes today to set an example within your family and community and take the pledge.

Join the movement by sharing your story or trying our online texting while driving simulator.    Go to  www.itcanwait.com and take the no-texting-and-driving pledge and commit to refrain from texting and driving.  For additional information regarding the It Can Wait movement you can follow them on Twitter (#itcanwait) and Facebook at www.facebook.com/ItCanWaitNoTextingWhileDriving.



You have the opportunity to win an It Can Wait gift pak.  The gift pak includes a Blackberry Q10 to use with any carrier, a tote bag, a tshirt, magnet.

Just follow these instructions for an opportunity to win:

1. Visit the It Can Wait movement at www.itcanwait.com and let me know what you learned in the comments below.

2. Take the It Can Wait Pledge at www.itcanwait.com and let me know that you did it by commenting below.

3. Share the pledge at www.itcanwait.com and and let me know how you did it by commenting below.

4. Tweet the following:

@Eva_Smith I made a lifelong decision on my safety and took the #ItCanWait Pledge: http://bit.ly/1aPP64A

NOTE:  You can share or tweet an entry once a day.   The winner will be selected randomly.  The giveaway is open to all US residents, 18 and older.  Giveaway ends September  22 at 11:59pmPST.


Eva Smith

Publisher at Tech Life Magazine
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  1. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I took the pledge, thank you!

  2. Took the pledge thanks so much.

  3. Even though I don’t drive I took the pledge! I’m such a New Yorker! Thankfully I text while being a passenger! 🙂

  4. Thomas Murphy says:

    I took the pledge and learned that over 100,000 crashes per year happen because of texting and driving.

  5. Gilda Campos says:

    Hice el juramento y estoy comprometida a evitar contestar llamadas, recibir y enviar mensajes de texto pues al salir de casa me espera mi familia a mi regreso!.

  6. Wonderful cause. I’m happy to see this message spread because people drive bad enough already without the distraction. I took the pledge too.

  7. I took the pledge and learned people who text and drive are 23 times more likely of crashing!

  8. Deb moretti says:

    I leanred 100,000+ people die per year due to texting. I happily took the pledge and shared it via twitter at @boyzrule1. 🙂

  9. I’m really touched with the ‘Share Your Story” section.

  10. Took the pledge.

  11. Shared the pledge on Twitter. It’s very important to put down our devices. I hope a lot more people are taking this proactive step.

  12. 1. Visit the It Can Wait movement at http://www.itcanwait.com and let me know what you learned in the comments below.

    75% of teen drivers say texting while driving is common among them. Wow and Woah.

  13. 2. Take the It Can Wait Pledge at http://www.itcanwait.com and let me know that you did it by commenting below.

    Via Feibu as Sonia Guerra- done!

  14. Shared the pledge via Feibu. BB2U

  15. Love this cause…took the pledge…and so did my kids!!!

  16. Tweeted the pledge.


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