Join Me As A Google Glass Explorer

Oct 29, 13 Join Me As A Google Glass Explorer

Over the past couple months I’ve had the privilege to be a part of the Google Glass Explorer program. I am fascinated with my Google Glass and use it for travel, recreation and social outings. As an early adopter I have been able to witness Google Glass evolved into the most innovative wearable technology device.

One of the things I love about Google Glass is that you can be engaged in the experience while capturing priceless memories via Glass.   Every photo taken through Glass  is unique and provides a personal perspective.

I was recently able to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and capture it through Glass at the Beaches of Ft Myers & Sanibel Islands.   I also was able to share a trip to California Adventure and Disneyland and captured the entire experience on Glass.

The high-resolution photography through glass is phenomenal.  One of the benefits of Glass is the ability to immediately share my photos and videos to multiple social media networks.


Today I am honored to announce that I will be sharing this experience with 3 of my friends to join me in the Google Glass Explorer program.   As a Google Glass Explorer you will get your very own Google Glass before it is released to the public and have the opportunity to  participate in the program to improve the product by sharing your experiences and feedback.   You will also get the new version of the wearable device which allows the user to use the device with their own glasses or shades.   The breakthrough wearable technology will be available to the public next year.

Are you interested in experiencing Google Glass for yourself?

Follow the instructions and enter to be selected as a Glass Explorer:

RULES: All Google Glass Explorers selected must: be a US resident, be 18 years or older, purchase Glass (cost $1500 + tax), provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up the device in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.




  1. Maria D /

    I would travel to Italy and share my experience.

  2. I would like to see life from another pespective.. A futuristic one.. with Google+

  3. I would use it to document my daily life and adventures.

  4. Erica S. Ramos /

    I’d like to see how functional Google Glass is with every day life. It seems lately we are all so caught up in technology & social media that we sometimes miss out on the things that are going on around us. I’d like to see if Google Glass lets us be a part of what’s going on around us without being too distracted by technology. All while still staying connected.

  5. I would use it to document my weightloss journey!

  6. I’m very curious to see how my photos would be different from the ones I take with my camera. I’m always taking photos for my website so I’m wondering how it would evolve by using google glass. Maybe it would be an easy way to begin making videos.

    • Congratulations Letty! You’ll be getting additional information from Google Glass. So excited to be able to share this experience with you.

  7. I would use it to raise awareness and further my #PorTuFamilia campaign which in 30 days engaged about 1,000 influencers and reached over 2.5 million people (on twitter alone) about the topic of Diabetes in the Latino community. The Google Glass technology will enhance this campaign and make it more of a global conversation. We will illustrate many things (in my very unique style) on how to chat with your Doctor, how to shop for healthier foods and other great content that real people of all cultures can relate to. I would love you to pick me… and I publicly commit to using this tool for social good. Thank you for the opportunity to apply.

    • Felicidades George! You’ll be getting additional information from Google Glass. So excited to be able to share this experience with you.

  8. Wow, how would I use it? First of all, I love the tangerine color. But I travel quite and bit and would love to share the world even more. Also, as my profession is fitness, I’d love to be able to share simple tips to bring healthy and movement into people’s lives in this format. The feature about saying if flights are on time or delayed really appeals to me, oh yes.

  9. As a blogger and a Mom I will use my glass for a a lot of stuff, but definitely taking pictures is one of them

  10. I neeeeed Google Glass! lol!

    I’d like to be able to show my 2 young kids what it was liek to raise them, from my point of view, someday. Also, I’d like to develop some apps for Glass.

  11. justinisaacs /

    from hobbies like ziplining to everyday on the go i would really b good to test a google glass

  12. I would use it to document my hiking!

  13. It would be fun to try out Google Glass for the experience of retrieving information and capturing life’s moments. :-)

  14. Monica young /

    I would use it to travel to Colombia and show everyone the beauty of my county

  15. Jas Dhaliwal /

    I want to use Google Glass to capture the next 365 days of my life. A visual engaging record that I can leave to my children as a reminder of what life was like in 2013/2014 Glass will enable me to capture those special moments of life that can never be reenacted. Glass will capture a special year of life forever. I hope you can make this dream come true.

  16. I would develop an app that detects your location when wearing Google Glass and would show you deals or information about the place you are shopping at.

  17. I will take pictures of my children!

  18. Joe encarnacion /

    Who won?

  19. When will the winners be announced?

  20. Hi Eva,

    I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to purchase glass but i have 2 questions that i need to know before spending the $1,500 on glass.

    1- How is the explorer program relationship with google? Is it a one time thing or do you really get to contribute and be part of the project development?

    2-Right now glass is a beta product and by tge time they release to the general public glass will be much better and advanced that it is now. If i purchase glass now, will i need to buy it again once its new version goes out to the general public? Will early glass explorers receive a new updated version after the product is ready for release?

    Thanks so much and im really looki g forward your answers.

    • Hi Iva. Recommend you ask your questions to Google when they send you the invite. For #1, They are actively watching explorers for new ideas and have a group for Explorers to connect with each other and share product development feedback. For #2, As part of the Explorer program I will be getting a new pair of Google Glass. However, please make sure to followup with Google to see if you qualify since you will be getting the latest and greatest.

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