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Saddleback Bags How to Knock Off a Bag Misses The Mark

I read an article by Red Head Writing, How To Gracefully Deal With Haters.  Apparently, the owner of Saddleback bags has a lot of companies ripping off his bags. His response is a snarky video to show people how to rip off his bags. Making fun of Mexicans and depicting Mexicans in poor working conditions.


Initially, I thought it was kind of a smart way to respond. I took a look at the bags and admired the quality and even considered buying my husband and myself a bag.   However, after watching the video I was really offended by how he treated his employees and his statements that make fun of Domestic Violence at 11:20.  The photo above is the expression on his face when he is making the following remark:

“Knocking off this bag will be easier than beating your wife and kids, especially if you have a large family.”

I was born in Mexico and lived there for 10 years and still maintain my dual citizenship. I still have many family members who live and work in Mexico.  The video is very clever.  However, it misses the mark with these statements.   I am also concerned that Erika Napoletano a strategist & columist is backing this video as it makes fun of domestic violence & Mexicans. This video is not a graceful depiction of how to deal with haters.  It is the complete opposite.   If you are a social media strategist, please don’t ever encourage your clients to make a similar video.

I’m also concerned with what Dave Munson said as well.  Especially since he lived in Mexico!   The video could have been done without the statements at 11:20 and without depicting Mexicans in poor working conditions.

I went to Ericka’s Facebook page and Saddleback’s You Tube page to address my concern with no response from Saddleback.  Erika told me to take a look at the comments from others because according to viewers, I missed the mark.   Then she followed up her statement advising that maybe the brand isn’t for me.   She is correct, A brand that makes fun of domestic violence and takes jabs at Mexican culture is not for me.  In fact, it’s not for anyone.

Today, I’m writing a quick post to bring attention to this video and ask my fellow Latina and Latino Bloggers, Influencers and readers to take a look at the video and give me your honest opinion.


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Saddleback How To Knock Off a Bag video Mexican Stereotypes

Tweets – Dated Jan 21

Question: Is this video offensive?  Are you also offended by the statements at 11:20?

Business Entrepreneur Feature: Initials Inc

I recently attended the Initials, Inc West Coast tour launch.  Initials, Inc was founded by two moms, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall,  who wanted to be there for their families, but also wanted to have successful careers.   They created a handbags, personalized products and home organization company that has rapidly grown into a multi-million dollar company within 8 years.  Their passion for entrepreneurship launched a nation-wide company that is slated to be a 400 million dollar company!

Adore the Initials Inc. Signature Collection Bag!

After their success in the midwest and south, the company made a decision to bring the product line and business opportunity to other women and launched a direct selling business.  The company grew so fast they decided to bring the products to the West Coast.

As a Social Entrepreneur I can definitely relate to their story of a passion to connect others and building  a successful  entrepreneurial dream.  After finding out about their story, I decided to create the “Business Entrepreneur Feature” on the blog to feature other women and men who are doing remarkable things to build businesses.

It was great to meet Pat Sheehan - National Field Development Director at Initials, Inc

Initials Inc Product line

The products at Initials Inc are durable and trendy.  I especially love their Initials, Inc Signature bags and scarfs.   I am also in love with the quality of the materials the products are made of as well as the affordable prices.  There were many women from Southern California present to learn about the business and how they could start a home-based business as well.

Initials Inc tablet covers & laptop covers

Absolutely loved this scarf!


Since the business is in its early stages in the West Coast, women who join now will have the opportunity to grow their business rapidly.  This year Initials Inc celebrated it’s 8 year anniversary.


If you are looking to build a flexible business on your own, make sure to take a look at Initials Inc.  Visit Initials Inc Corporate Offices online  to view the Style Book, Host A Party and/or  to start your own business at Initials Inc.

To celebrate the launch in the West Coast, Initials Inc is offering one of my readers an Initials Inc Signature Collection bag.  You have the opportunity to win it by participating in the giveaway below:




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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Character Introduction and Giveaway

Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with the Stiletto Blogger Network and Univision. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own. 

As I mentioned earlier this week, Univision recently announced their new telenovela,  ”Lo Que La Vida Me Robo”.  The Mexican telenovela will  capture your attention by telling the  story of  love, laughter, betrayal and wealth in the small town of aguazul.  The Mexican telenovela is also full of interesting characters that will keep you entertained.

I’m looking forward to the new novela and plan to use the Univision UVideos app to stay connected with the telenovela and host of characters.  Tune in to Lo Que La Vida Me Robo weekenights at 9pm on Univision. I recommend you check out the app or videos as well and download the app to get insider information on your favorite character too.

Can’t wait? You can find a  plethora of juicy clips to keep you busy on their dedicated novelas video page.  

Lo Que La Vida Me Robo unfolds in Aguazul, a picturesque village where Montserrat Mendoza, a socialite lives.   The telenovela scenes are surrounded my breathtaking architecture, design and views.

My favorite character is Nadia Medina Arguelles, a smart and distinguished socialite.  Nadia starts her married life full of hopes and expectations, but soon realizes she is trapped in a cold marriage.   Nadia desires to find love and seeks refuge in the arms of Victor Hernandez. Her close friend, Montserrat is willing to make any sacrifice for her family and is eventually manipulated by her mother, Graciela Giacinti, to marry a rich man.

The characters are involved in a classic love triangle and experience love, friendship, passion, contempt and resentment between them, because of secrets, betrayal and hatred caused by the greed and avarice of those around them.    Make sure to watch “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” telenovela to find out Montserrat’s and Nadia’s fate.  The telenovela will have you on the edge of your seat every evening!

To celebrate the Telenovela, Univision is offering one of my readers a $50 American Express Card!  You have the opportunity to win it by participating in the giveaway below:


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125th Tournament of Roses Parade Winners

Over the last month we have been following the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade.  We were able to attend a decorating event at Fiesta Floats for DOLE Foods float. We also had an opportunity to attend the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA on July 1, 2014 with VIP Seating. We also viewed the beautiful and fragrant floats after the Rose parade.

These are our some of our favorite floats:

Love To The Rescue!

Winner: Most Beautiful Float 35' And Under

Winner: Most Beautiful Float 35' And Unde

City of Hope float, "Hope and Dreams into Reality,” featured Trees with Children's Wishes. One of the wishes read, "World Peace"



Download a  full list of winning floats HERE.


Question:  Did you see the tournament of Roses Parade?  Have you attended the Rose Parade in person?  What was your favorite float?

Twitter Party Invite: #MyNovela “Lo Que La Vida Me Robó” Twitter Party with @Univision

Disclosure: I  partnered with Stilleto Media and Univision to host the #MyNovela Twitter Party featuring their novela, “Lo Que La Vida Me Robó” (Translation: What Life Took From Me).  All opinions are my own.


Do you like a good telenovela?  Univision recently announced their new telenovela,  “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo”.  The Mexican telenovela will  capture your attention by telling the  story of  love, laughter, betrayal and wealth in the small town of aguazul.  The Mexican telenovela is also full of interesting characters that will keep you entertained.

Univision also has the UVideos app to help you stay connected with the telenovela and host of characters.

On January 8, 2013 at 6pm PST, I will be cohosting a Twitter party.  We’ll kick off the New Year with a discussion about the telenovela characters and share  more information about the UVideos app.   You’ll also have the opportunity share your favorite #MyNovela character  and an opportunity to win $150 Univision Boutique Gift Cards!  You definitely don’t want to miss out.  Hope to see you there.

Tweet Chat Details:

What: #MyNovela Twitter Party

When: Wednesday, January 8th from 9-10pmEST/ 6pm-7pmPST


Hashtag: #MyNovela

PRIZES: Five (5) winners will receive a $150 American Express Gift Card

Who to Follow:

Sponsor: @Univision

Moderators: @StilettoChat and @MsLatina

Co-Hosts: @ToughCookieMom, @Eva_Smith, @JaiMami @PattieCordova

RSVP HERE to participate:

Also, add #MyNovela to your Tweets during the scheduled time. Follow the Sponsor, Moderators and Hosts noted below. Also, use original tweets to respond to questions during the Twitter Party to be entered to win. Answers may be tweeted in English or Spanish.  Looking forward to tweeting with you!


Google Remembers Zora Neale Hurston

Google’s latest doodle celebrates the life of Zora Neale Hurston, an American author and trailblazer during the time of the Harlem Renaissance. Zora Neale Hurston was born in Notasulga, Alabama on January 7, 1891 to a baptist preacher and school teacher.  She was very close to her mother.  When she was nine years old, her mother died and her father sent her to boarding school.

She attended Howard University and received a degree in Anthropology.  She wrote four novels and published over 50 short stories, plays and essays.  Zora Neal Hurston influenced several writers such as Toni Morrison and Alice Walker, and is best known for her classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.   Zora was a very controversal, but private person.

Photo Credit: Google


Her work is valuable to African American Culture and helped shape the black literary and cultural movement of the twenties. She is also a huge influence of many African American authors of today, including Alice Walker who resurrected her work in 1970.

Make sure to stop by today and celebrate the life of the great American pioneer & author and listen to the documentary below.


Zora Neale Hurston Raido Documentary

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Question:  Have you read any of Zora’s classic novels or essays?  What inspires you about Zora’s story?


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