Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Character Introduction and Giveaway

Jan 10, 14 Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Character Introduction and Giveaway

Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with the Stiletto Blogger Network and Univision. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own. 

As I mentioned earlier this week, Univision recently announced their new telenovela,  ”Lo Que La Vida Me Robo”.  The Mexican telenovela will  capture your attention by telling the  story of  love, laughter, betrayal and wealth in the small town of aguazul.  The Mexican telenovela is also full of interesting characters that will keep you entertained.

I’m looking forward to the new novela and plan to use the Univision UVideos app to stay connected with the telenovela and host of characters.  Tune in to Lo Que La Vida Me Robo weekenights at 9pm on Univision. I recommend you check out the app or videos as well and download the app to get insider information on your favorite character too.

Can’t wait? You can find a  plethora of juicy clips to keep you busy on their dedicated novelas video page.  

Lo Que La Vida Me Robo unfolds in Aguazul, a picturesque village where Montserrat Mendoza, a socialite lives.   The telenovela scenes are surrounded my breathtaking architecture, design and views.

My favorite character is Nadia Medina Arguelles, a smart and distinguished socialite.  Nadia starts her married life full of hopes and expectations, but soon realizes she is trapped in a cold marriage.   Nadia desires to find love and seeks refuge in the arms of Victor Hernandez. Her close friend, Montserrat is willing to make any sacrifice for her family and is eventually manipulated by her mother, Graciela Giacinti, to marry a rich man.

The characters are involved in a classic love triangle and experience love, friendship, passion, contempt and resentment between them, because of secrets, betrayal and hatred caused by the greed and avarice of those around them.    Make sure to watch “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” telenovela to find out Montserrat’s and Nadia’s fate.  The telenovela will have you on the edge of your seat every evening!

To celebrate the Telenovela, Univision is offering one of my readers a $50 American Express Card!  You have the opportunity to win it by participating in the giveaway below:


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  1. Maria Duncan /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat.

  2. Raquel /

    Mi personaje favorito es José Luis Alvarez personificado por Luis Roberto Guzman <3

  3. ellen beck /

    Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite character so beautiful!

  4. Jennifer H. /

    So many great characters but I really like Montserrat.

  5. Lisa Brown /

    Along with everyone, I like Mendoza Montserrat, but I will say Maria Valdez is also a bright character.

  6. I like Montserrat.

  7. robyn paris /

    i like Rogelio Guerra es Lauro Mendoza

  8. Mami2jcn /

    Me gusta Nadia Medina Arguelles.

  9. Dan Huddlestun /

    I like Montserrat

  10. rich bart /

    pedro medina

  11. Mallory Bailey /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat. Who doesn’t love a juicy and suspensful show? :)

  12. My favorite is María Zamudio!!

  13. Katharine Davis /

    Montserrat Mendoza is my favorite ‘noble’ character

  14. Debra Guillen /

    My fav is Mendoza Montserrat

  15. Francine Anchondo /

    María Zamudio

  16. Brittney House /

    I like Montserrat.

  17. Susan Christy /

    Ferdinando Valencia – he’s gorgeous!

  18. Mary Rutter /

    Ferdinando Valencia

  19. Amanda Roberts /

    I like Montserrat!

  20. Tabitha /

    My favorite character is José Luis Álvarez .
    I think he is kind of cute ;)

  21. Danielle /

    My favorite is Mendoza Montserrat.

  22. Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite character

  23. Mary Casper /

    I like Maria Zamudio

  24. Cindy Merrill /

    One the most fascinating characters has to be Graciela Giacinti, reminds me of someone in my family.

  25. Mendy Dinsmore /

    Ferdinando Valencia is my pick

  26. Michelle /

    Mines is Mendoza Monstserrat.

  27. Susan Smith /

    My favorite character is María Zamudio

  28. Margaret Smith /

    My favorite is Sebastián Rulli

  29. courtney b /

    i like montersaat

  30. Jennifer Dunaway /

    Sergio Sendel es Pedro Medina

  31. Jacqueline W. /


  32. Kelly D /

    I like Sebastián Rulli es Alejandro Almonte

  33. heather /

    I like Mendoza Montserrat.

  34. Shauntea Crutcher /

    Ferdinando Valencia


    Sergio Sendel es Pedro Medina en ‘Lo Que La Vida Me Robó’

  36. virgil poore /

    Grettell Valdez es María Zamudio my favorite!

  37. Mendoza Monstserrat.

  38. chris g. /

    I like Mendoza Montserrat

  39. Natalie /

    I love Fernando Valencia

  40. Rachel /

    Esmeralda Ramos

  41. Ashley Tucker /

    Ferdinando Valencia is my favorite

  42. Amanda Sakovitz /

    I like Ferdinando Valencia!

  43. amy pugmire /

    i like Montserrat

  44. ELIZABETH C. /

    I definately like Mendoza Montserrat.

  45. Heather Hayes Panjon /

    My Favorite Is Alejandro Almonte!

  46. carolyn /

    Pedro Medina

  47. Rachel H. /

    I love Mendoza Monstserrat!

  48. Tanya Boerhave /

    I suppose I like Esmeralda Ramos partly because in the description she kind of sounds like me.

  49. Thomas Murphy /

    I like Mendoza Monstserrat.

  50. Gregg Deering /


  51. latanya /

    Sebastián Rulli es Alejandro Almonte

  52. heather s /


  53. Betsy Barnes /

    I like Montserrat Mendoza :)

  54. Thank you for sharing, I love to read about cool stuff! :)

  55. Tina Chunn /

    Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite character.

  56. soha molina /

    I like Angelique Boyer es Montserrat Mendoza

  57. Margarita Magaña es Esmeralda Ramos

  58. Montserrat is my fave

  59. Dawn Corson /

    my favorite in Maria

  60. nickie /

    Mendoza Monstserrat

  61. Tanya White /

    My favorite is Gabriela

  62. ionut leonard taranu /

    like Montserrat.

  63. Carla S /

    María Zamudio

  64. Cynthia C /

    I like Mendoza Montserrat

  65. shanna /

    My favorite is Gabriela Rivero es Carlota Mendoza

  66. Sarah S /

    Like many others, I also think Mendoza Monstserrat is a great character in this show.

  67. Wes Hovorka /

    My fav is Mendoza Montserrat

  68. Barbara Montag /

    I like Alejandro Almonte – thank you.

  69. Charlene Drake /

    Ferdinando Valencia

  70. Carol Mclemore /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat!

  71. Stephen Saunders /

    Maria :)

  72. Lisa V. /

    My favorite is Montserrat Mendoza.

  73. Carol Roberts clark /

    Mendoza Monstserrat

  74. Pat Turner /

    Mendoza Montserrat would be my fave!

  75. Diane Vescio /

    Mendoza Monstserrat

  76. Christine /

    like Montserrat

  77. Lexa R. /

    Pedro Medina

  78. Michelle S. /

    Carlos de la Mota es Refugio Solares

  79. Suzanne K /

    Alejandro Almonte

  80. Tracy Robertson /

    Luis Roberto Guzmán, guapo!

  81. Ida Lea /

    Maria Zamudio

  82. Jennifer P /

    Montserrat Mendoza

  83. Douglas Houston /

    María Zamudio

  84. Debnmike moretti /

    Alejandro almonte

  85. Anthony /

    Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite

  86. Katie K /

    My favorite is Alejandro Almonte!

  87. Carolsue /

    I like Mendoza Montserrat the most

  88. Mark Brasure /

    I like Mendoza

  89. Cameron A /

    Me gusta María Zamudio

  90. Nicole Newby /

    Montserrat is my favorite!

  91. Jacob LaFountaine /

    I’d go with Maria Zamudio. She happens to be cute

  92. Kathleen Whisenhunt /

    Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite character

  93. hannah h /

    Alejandro Almonte!

  94. Adolfo Argüelles. Ummm…yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  95. Bri S. /

    My favorite character would be Mendoza Monstserrat.

  96. Rebecca L /

    I like Alejandro Almonte :D

  97. yes that be put to good use

  98. I like Mendoza Monstserrat.

  99. Jaime Cummings /

    My favorite is María Zamudio

  100. danielle Marie /

    monsterrat is my favorite.

  101. Heather B /

    My favorite is Mendoza Monstserrat

  102. jules m. /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat.

  103. susan smoaks /

    my favorite is Mendoza Monstserrat

  104. Kyl Neusch /


  105. I like Mendoza Monstserrat

  106. Steve Stone /

    Mendoza Monstserrat is my favorite for sure..

  107. Todd H Miller /


  108. Samantha /

    I definitely like Mendoza Monstserrat the most

  109. Rachael G. /

    My favorite is Mendoza Monstserrat

  110. Danielle Wood /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat, beautiful

  111. Angela W /

    Ferdinando Valencia

  112. Daniel M /

    Mendoza Montserrat

  113. Jessie C. /

    My favorite character is Montserrat Mendoza.

  114. Erica C. /


  115. Stephanie Larison /

    Pedro Medina is my fave

  116. Alejandro Almonte (Sebastion Rulli) is my favorite character

  117. Jaclyn Reynolds /


  118. I like Grettell Valdez es María Zamudio

  119. krystal wethington /


  120. joseph gersch /

    i like Mendoza Monstserrat

  121. April V. /

    Pedro Medina!

  122. Melissa /

    Montserrat Mendoza

  123. Karen Drake /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Monstserrat.

  124. s riches /

    I like Carlos de la Mota es Refugio Solares

  125. I like Mendoza Montserrat

  126. mary gardner /

    My favorite character is Mendoza Montserrat!

  127. rochelle johnson /

    Victor Hernandez

  128. I like Monserrat

  129. I like Montserrat the best

  130. Julieh /

    My favorite character is Montserrat

  131. mariem /

    gretell i think- thank u

  132. amy deeter /

    Mendoza Monstserrat

  133. Karrie Millheim /

    I love Montserrat.

  134. Lisa Garner /

    My favorite is Montserrat Mendoza

  135. Sky Sparkle /

    Mendoza Monstserrat.

  136. Jill Myrick /

    My favorite character is Sebastian.


  137. Kenny F /

    Mendoza Monstserrat.

  138. tina reynolds /

    I like Montserrat :)

  139. Bryan E. /

    Margarita Magaña es Esmeralda Ramos

  140. Beverly Metcalf /

    My favorite is Mendoza Monstserrat. Thanks for having this contest.

  141. Cassandra Davis /

    My favorite is Mendoza Montserrat!

  142. CharityS /

    Mendoza Monstserrat

  143. Richard Hicks /

    One favorite is Osvaldo Benavides as Dimitrio Mendoza

  144. Trisha McKee /

    Montserrat is my favorite!

  145. Susan G /

    Ferdinando Valencia es Adolfo Argüelles

  146. Buddy Garrett /

    Esmeralda Ramos is my favorite character.

  147. Tim Moss /

    María Zamudio.

  148. Sarah L /

    Alejandra Procuna es Dominga
    Thanks for the contest.

  149. Angela Newsome /

    I love Maria Valdez

  150. I like Alejandro Almonte.

  151. Zeytun Aden /

    how many episodes does Lo que la vida me Robo have?

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