All Bearded Men DO NOT Have Poop On Their Faces

There seems to be a couple of articles floating around the internet claiming that bearded men have poop in their beards. All bearded men do not have poop on their faces. All these articles claiming that bearded men have have poop on their faces don’t actually have scientific facts. Their opinion is based on tests done by swabbing a couple of faces. The real issue isn’t beards, the real issue is about hygiene and about bacteria on people’s hands contaminating counters, doorknobs, homes, restaurants and hotels.

All Bearded Men DO NOT have poop on their Beards

According to the article linked above, the real issue is related to men not washing their hands and touching their beards:

Apparently the key to a poo-free beard is to make sure you wash your hands regularly and avoid playing with and twirling the hair.

“Try to keep your hands away from your face, as much as possible,” Golobic added.

How many men, women, and children do you know that don’t wash their hands when they go to the bathroom and touch their hair, kitchen surfaces, office doors and worse YOU! Seriously, this is the bigger issue. Leave men with beards and hipsters with beards alone. They are cool and make our world a better place because they are different. Well, you can find a lot of men who prefer to have a clean shaved look. Some even go for permanent beard removal procedures at reputed clinics that offer laser hair removal for men. It might be important to understand that people have different tastes in fashion and they groom themselves according to them. Additionally, most men who like to flaunt a beard or stubble or a trimmed look often take good care of their hygiene. Honestly, having a well-trimmed beard or a beard that looks rough at the edges is now a fashion for which men often pay generously at Mens Grooming Shops. So, it would be better if people stopped with their speculations. Not everything needs to be shown in a negative light!

However, even though a lot of things have been said in favor of men keeping beards, one cannot deny the presence of fecal matter everywhere. That’s why people need to wash their hands, keep the toilet seat clean, and opt for Toilet Repair or Replacement in case of leakage to keep bacteria away.

If the bathroom seems like it is old and worn out, then automatically individuals will think that it is dirty and unhygienic to use. But, this can be avoided by renovating it. For instance, you can replace the bathroom floor with new tiles. To make it more functional, you can even install wet room shower trays that can handle the draining and make the floor look beautiful. By doing so, the washroom will get a new and cleaner look. Additionally, older equipment can be removed and newer apparatuses can be installed, making it seem more efficient.

Still not sure whether or not fecal matter is everywhere? Check out these other articles for get some real scientific data on fecal matter in hotel rooms, toothbrushes, and restaurants. They are quite informative and can enlighten you about this in detail.

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