Tech Tuesday: Balancing Technology, Health & Fitness

  As many of us know it takes a lot of time to manage a Social Media, Blogging and Influencer Presence.  However, lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with work commitments, blogging deadlines and home responsibilities so I decided to do things a little different.  This week I’m going to put some curves...

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Top 10 Holiday Fashion and Entertaining Tips

It’s officially the holiday season is here and with that comes holiday entertaining and festive parties! I met with celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi and author and home entertaining guru, Katie Lee to help us get holiday ready! Robert Verdi and Katie Lee are partnering with P&G to share some of their must-have products and...

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Drinking Milk Makes Bedtime & Life Better! #Positivismo

Sep 14, 12 Drinking Milk Makes Bedtime & Life Better! #Positivismo

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As a child I had several bedtime rituals to go to sleep.  Brush my teet, brush my hair and jump into my favorite cozy pijamas.  When I had a child of my own I incorporated the same routine and included a warm glass of milk.  Sometimes I add a little chocolate abuelita to it as well to make it a perfect routine for bedtime for my...

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Shape Up for Summer With El Paso Positivo

Jun 27, 12 Shape Up for Summer With El Paso Positivo

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Our summer has gotten off to a fantastic start.  Birthdays, Graduation and Family is what I always look forward to during the summer.  We had a wonderful block party with my family last week to celebrate summer and the accomplishments of the school year. Our honorary guests were my niece and nephews Whitney, Rocket and Elijah.  ...

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