Nescafé With Coffee-mate 2-in-1 Together Is Better #NescaféCoffeemate #Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nescafe. However, all opinions are my own.

As a busy mom, wife and working professional, the Fall is one of my busiest time of year.  I’ve been looking for different ways to enjoy my morning coffee with a busy schedule and was recently introduced to the new 2-in-1 Nescafe with Coffee-mate.    The coffees are very creamy and full of flavor and can be made in less than 5 minutes. To make a delicious hot cup of French Vanilla latte, you simply add 2 tablespoons of Nescafe Coffee-mate 2-in-1 into a coffee mug with hot water and viola, instantly create a delicious homemade hot coffee.  It’s also very tasty over ice as an afternoon refreshment or in the evening with dessert.


I’ve been enjoying my daily hot coffee in the morning for about 2 weeks as I get ready in the morning while listening to music, on my way to work and in between meetings.  I absolutely love that it is so easy to make and comes in so many great flavors. Nescafe currently comes in original coffee flavor, hazelnut and my favorite, french vanilla.

I finally decided to make my husband and daughter a cup this week and they also love it.  I feel like a Barista in my own home.  Nescafe with Cofee-mate is better together!







To celebrate the new 2-in-1 Nescafe with Coffee-mate will be giving away a two week supply to one of my lucky readers. Follow the giveaway to win:

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Business Entrepreneur Feature: Initials Inc

I recently attended the Initials, Inc West Coast tour launch. Initials, Inc was founded by two moms, Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall, who wanted to be there for their families, but also wanted to have successful careers. They created a handbags, personalized products and home organization company that has rapidly grown into a multi-million dollar company within 8 years. Their passion for entrepreneurship launched a nation-wide company that is slated to be a 400 million dollar company!

Adore the Initials Inc. Signature Collection Bag!

After their success in the midwest and south, the company made a decision to bring the product line and business opportunity to other women and launched a direct selling business. The company grew so fast they decided to bring the products to the West Coast.

It may be similar to the growth achieved by many firms by creating a suitable product, attracting the right audience, and providing excellent customer service. Aside from that, such businesses also focus on marketing and branding their company through various market research solutions, such as conjoint analysis (click here to know What is Conjoint Analysis?) to assess product features, market capitalization, and price sensitivity.

That being said, companies should also focus on hiring employees who are talented and skilled since they can help bring up sales and build recognition in the market. The easiest way to find such ‘gems’ is through HR software, which makes the hiring process simpler and more advanced. For example, HRIS software in Canada that seems to be provided to small and medium businesses by Folks HR. Software such as these helps the recruiter filter through the applicants as it allows them to locate targeted keywords in the resumes or the documents that they have submitted. Therefore, helping firms find the right staff for their team.

Coming back to the topic of Initials, Inc, As a Social Entrepreneur, I can definitely relate to their story of a passion to connect others and build a successful entrepreneurial dream. After finding out about their story, I decided to create the “Business Entrepreneur Feature” on the blog to feature other women and men who are doing remarkable things to build businesses.

It was great to meet Pat Sheehan - National Field Development Director at Initials, Inc

Initials Inc Product line

The products at Initials Inc are durable and trendy. I especially love their Initials, Inc Signature bags and scarfs. I am also in love with the quality of the materials the products are made of as well as the affordable prices. There were many women from Southern California present to learn about the business and how they could start a home-based business as well.

Initials Inc tablet covers & laptop covers

Absolutely loved this scarf!

Since the business is in its early stages in the West Coast, women who join now will have the opportunity to grow their business rapidly. They might also search for funding opportunities that can help them expand their business. One way to do that could be by looking for the best place for forex funding through which they might be eligible for instant funding. Alternatively, they can look for angel investors who can understand the importance of their business module and provide funding to them.

That being said, it is to know that this year Initials Inc celebrated it’s 8 year anniversary.

If you are looking to build a flexible business on your own, make sure to take a look at Initials Inc. Visit Initials Inc Corporate Offices online to view the Style Book, Host A Party and/or to start your own business at Initials Inc.

To celebrate the launch in the West Coast, Initials Inc is offering one of my readers an Initials Inc Signature Collection bag. You have the opportunity to win it by participating in the giveaway below:


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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo Character Introduction and Giveaway

Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with the Stiletto Blogger Network and Univision. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own. 

As I mentioned earlier this week, Univision recently announced their new telenovela,  ”Lo Que La Vida Me Robo”.  The Mexican telenovela will  capture your attention by telling the  story of  love, laughter, betrayal and wealth in the small town of aguazul.  The Mexican telenovela is also full of interesting characters that will keep you entertained.

I’m looking forward to the new novela and plan to use the Univision UVideos app to stay connected with the telenovela and host of characters.  Tune in to Lo Que La Vida Me Robo weekenights at 9pm on Univision. I recommend you check out the app or videos as well and download the app to get insider information on your favorite character too.

Can’t wait? You can find a  plethora of juicy clips to keep you busy on their dedicated novelas video page.  

Lo Que La Vida Me Robo unfolds in Aguazul, a picturesque village where Montserrat Mendoza, a socialite lives.   The telenovela scenes are surrounded my breathtaking architecture, design and views.

My favorite character is Nadia Medina Arguelles, a smart and distinguished socialite.  Nadia starts her married life full of hopes and expectations, but soon realizes she is trapped in a cold marriage.   Nadia desires to find love and seeks refuge in the arms of Victor Hernandez. Her close friend, Montserrat is willing to make any sacrifice for her family and is eventually manipulated by her mother, Graciela Giacinti, to marry a rich man.

The characters are involved in a classic love triangle and experience love, friendship, passion, contempt and resentment between them, because of secrets, betrayal and hatred caused by the greed and avarice of those around them.    Make sure to watch “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” telenovela to find out Montserrat’s and Nadia’s fate.  The telenovela will have you on the edge of your seat every evening!

To celebrate the Telenovela, Univision is offering one of my readers a $50 American Express Card!  You have the opportunity to win it by participating in the giveaway below:


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Join Me As A Google Glass Explorer

Over the past couple months I’ve had the privilege to be a part of the Google Glass Explorer program. I am fascinated with my Google Glass and use it for travel, recreation and social outings. As an early adopter I have been able to witness Google Glass evolved into the most innovative wearable technology device.

One of the things I love about Google Glass is that you can be engaged in the experience while capturing priceless memories via Glass.   Every photo taken through Glass  is unique and provides a personal perspective.

I was recently able to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and capture it through Glass at the Beaches of Ft Myers & Sanibel Islands.   I also was able to share a trip to California Adventure and Disneyland and captured the entire experience on Glass.

The high-resolution photography through glass is phenomenal.  One of the benefits of Glass is the ability to immediately share my photos and videos to multiple social media networks.


Today I am honored to announce that I will be sharing this experience with 3 of my friends to join me in the Google Glass Explorer program.   As a Google Glass Explorer you will get your very own Google Glass before it is released to the public and have the opportunity to  participate in the program to improve the product by sharing your experiences and feedback.   You will also get the new version of the wearable device which allows the user to use the device with their own glasses or shades.   The breakthrough wearable technology will be available to the public next year.

Are you interested in experiencing Google Glass for yourself?

Follow the instructions and enter to be selected as a Glass Explorer:

RULES: All Google Glass Explorers selected must: be a US resident, be 18 years or older, purchase Glass (cost $1500 + tax), provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up the device in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.



Celebrate Quality Childcare And Win a Gift Basket #QualityECE


Last month I  introduced you to First 5 LA’s, Ready Set Grow program,  a nonprofit that educates parents on  the importance of Quality Care in their children’s lives.    To help parents who need to find someone to watch after their child during these early development years, First 5 LA has launched “Quality Child Care Lasts a Lifetime,” a campaign aimed at informing parents about the life-long benefits of quality early care and education and tips to help them make informed decisions. 

Did you know that children that receive quality childcare are more likely to develop social and learning skills at a younger age?  According to First 5 LA, many parents are not aware the first 5 years of their child’s life may determine the level of success they will reach as adults. It also helps children maintain a better relationship with other children, teachers and adults.  The benefits of early quality childcare continue into adulthood!

The most valuable resource you can provide for your child is a safe and educational environment to stimulate their learning and growth.  As a young mom I didn’t have the type of resources readily available to parents today to make important decisions about child care.  However, I’m thankful  that a resource such as Ready Set Grow exists to help educate many parents on the importance of being proactive when making decisions on your child’s care.

For additional resources stay connected with Ready. Set. Grow via Facebook at,   You can also follow the conversation via Twitter by following  @ReadySetGrowLA  or  via  #QualityECE hashtag



To celebrate the importance of quality care, Ready Set Grow will provide one of my readers with a learning materials gift basket.

The Ready Set Grow Gift Basket includes the following 10 items:

1-Lap chalkboard
1-Box of chunky chalk
1-Chalk board eraser
1-Small red ball
1-First 5 LA Family guide
1-Penmanship booklet
1-Bilingual “Colors/Colores” book
1-“My Shinning Star” book in English
1-“Tu eres mi Estrella” book in Spanish
1-Harry the Otter book

Please follow the instructions to enter to win:


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Disclosure:   This is part of a compensated campaign with and Smith New Media.   However, all opinions expressed are my own

#WakeUpYourWalls With HP Photo Wall Decor

I  previewed HP Photo Wall Decor which gives you the opportunity to create beautiful wall art prints with photos from your phone.      You can create fascinating HP Faux canvas, Posters, Banners, Muti Photo and Multi-panel designs with just a few clicks at affordable prices.   It’s really amazing all the options HP provides to create beautiful pieces of art.

HP Photo Wall Decor

HP has partnered with Walmart to provide quality service for their Photo Wall Decor.  You can also create your designs online with same-day pick up  for weddings, anniversaries, holidays and birthdays gifts.  Imagine the possibilities.  One of the best things about HP Photo Decor is that you can scan family photos to create heirlooms that can be passed on for generations.  You can also create mirrored edges, which allow photos with narrow borders around the subject to be used.


Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder Wake Up Your Walls Tips & Tricks

Our featured guest, Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder also provided us with some design tips to help us create inspiration and beauty in everyday life.    My favorite tips:

Tip #1 Paper templates make it easy to design your own wall collage

Photo display walls are a great way to add a personal touch to any room. The best part is designing the layout – choose pieces that will balance each other out in weight and color when they’re hung together. Once you’ve selected your photos, cut paper templates in sizes of the photo wall décor you want to use (paper bags work great – avoid using newspaper as it can mark your wall), tape the templates up with blue painters tape and play around with the collage design before you get the hammer out!

Tip# 2 – Scan anything and turn it into wall art. It’s easy.

You can scan almost anything to create wall décor for your home. Children’s artwork, original artwork, vintage family photos, wedding and baby announcements, concert and sports tickets, baby sonograms, really anything – to create personalized wall décor that allows you to relive and enjoy the sentimental moments in life everyday.

Tip #3 – Design secrets to a great looking photo wall collage

As a follow up to the paper templates, here’s another tip on actually laying out your photos when creating wall collages. To create depth, mix different sizes and types of wall décor such as the gallery-wrapped HP Premium Canvas, framed enlargements and brushed silver-look edged Mounted Photos. You can create large or small displays to make an art statement, create a family story or celebrate a life event.


The best advice she gave me was to decorate one room at a time instead of trying to decorate all the rooms in our home at once.  She really inspired me to take on decorating our home.   I’m very grateful to Genevieve for sharing her tips.   For a complete list of all 8 Tips, Download  Genevieve’s HP Photo Wall Décor Do It Yourself Tips & Tricks .



To celebrate the launch of HP Photo Wall Decor, HP has provided a $50 Gift card to one of my readers to Wake Up Your Walls.   Giveaway ended on April 1, 2013 at 12:00am.



Congratulations to the winners of the Wake Up Your Walls with HP Photo Wall Decor Giveaway.  Looking forward to seeing your works of art:

Disclosure: I have partnered with HP  in their  Wake Up Your Walls efforts. However, All opinions are my own.

Celebrating Mimi’s Cafe National Wear Red Dress Day & Giveaway


Starting February 1, 2013, American Heart Month, Mimi’s Cafe will be raising awareness to heart disease by participating in the American Heart Association’s mission to turn America red.   Beginning on the 10th National Wear Red Day, Mimi’s will recognize guests who show their support by wearing red with a FREE cup of signature soup.

I love the color RED because it symbolizes power, strength, joy & celebration. In its second year supporting Go Red for Women, Mimi’s is dedicated to shout louder and stand stronger for the fight against heart disease, the number one killer of women. I plan to wear red on February 1 to raise awareness to heart disease in women. I will enjoy my favorite healthy meal & beverage, Chicken & Fruit with pomegranate lemonade. Make sure to wear red on February 1 and stop by Mimi’s to bring awareness to heart disease.



Go Red With Mimi’s Cause:

Mimi’s Cafe will bring National Awareness through a fundraising drive to support the American Heart’s Association Go Red For Women as follows:

  • Guests that donate $1 will receive a red heart-shaped tribute card to inscribe and post on a giant in-restaurant red dress display.
  • A limited-edition sparkle red dress lapel pin will be given to those giving a $5 donation. As a thank you for every donation, donors will receive up to $30 in Mimi’s savings.
  • Every Tuesday throughout the month, Mimi’s will thank warm-hearted guests that donate with a warm cup of FREE soup.

Heart health is non-negotiable. That is why in addition to fundraising, Mimi’s is taking the lead to elevate heart disease and heart health as top-of-mind issues for women and empowering all guests to make healthy decisions while dining out.

Every minute in the United States, someone’s wife, mother, daughter or sister dies from heart disease, stroke or other form of cardiovascular disease (CVD).  According to the American Heart Association, more than one in three women is living with CVD, including nearly half of all African-American women and 34 percent of white women.  In support of Mimi’s initiative to honor & support Go Red For Women.



In honor of Mimi’s partnership with the American Heart Association, Mimi’s will graciously provide two of my readers with (1) Mimi’s $25 Gift Certificates.

Please follow the instructions to enter to win:


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Tech Gadgets: Bella Vita iPhone Wristlet Review & Giveaway


I recently received a Bella Vita iPhone wristlet for review and LOVE it!  The wristlet combines the best of both worlds by combining a elegant wallet and protective iPhone case in one.   A couple of  things I love about Bella Vita wristlets is the functionality, compact size, elegant style and the variety of trendy colors available to match any wardrobe.   I was able to neatly pack my ID, credit cards, cash & receipts in the soft leather wristlet without any problems.  I was also able to take photos, text and make calls.   I can’t wait to purchase a spring colors line wristlet.

Additional Features:

  • Genuine soft leather in signature “vita celeste” hue
  • Elegant and practical design
  • Compliments a variety of styles and activities
  • Allows for full iPhone 4 functionality
  • Comes with a life-time warranty


To show appreciation to customers and celebrate this holiday season, Bella Vita will be holding Monthly Giveaways from October 2012 through February 2013. Enter giveaway to win a BellaVita iPhone 4,4S Wristlet or Wallet of your choice. A drawing will be held on the 15th of each month, and a lucky winner anounced on their Facebook Page.  No purchase is necessary. To enter, fill out the online entry form below and click “submit”. Official Rules apply. 


Disclosure:   I received a wristlet wallet to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Question:  What is your favorite go to gadget to protect your phone? Would you like to own a wristlet wallet?

Designer Christian Siriano for Payless Collection Shoe Review & Giveaway

A girl can never have too many shoes!  If you look through my closet you’ll see a lot of shoes, especially black pair of shoes.  I go through a pair of black business shoes at least every month or two.  I shop at discount department stores and take advantage of sales & discounts at major department stores before paying full price.   However, with the New Year here I’m looking for ways to trim down my budget without compromising quality. I recently received a pair of Christian Siriano for Payless Collection shoes for review and discovered a whole new place to purchase designer shoes at great prices.

The La Femme pumps from designer Christian Siriano are 4″ high and are stunning.  They are very comfortable to wear & are a timeless wardrobe stable. At $32.99 this shoes will definitely make you stand out without breaking the bank.  I’m looking forward to shopping at Payless for their upcoming designer collections in 2013.


Please, feel free to check out their website, to check out the latest styles or check out the Payless Shoes Clearance Sales with discounts of 40-75% on shoes.

Payless has graciously offerred to give one of my readers a pair of Designer shoes.  Please follow the instructions to enter to win:
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Rules:  The giveaway is only open to legal residents of forty-eight (48) U.S. and the District of Columbia (excluding residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all other U.S. territories and possessions) who are of legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside (and at least eighteen (18)) as of date of entry.

Disclosure:  This experience is sponsored by Payless Shoe Source.  I received a pair of shoes to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas and Best Buy #GiftsThatDo Twitter Party

For the past couple days I have been sharing my Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas and Three Kings Day.  If you still haven’t completed your shopping and you need last minute gift ideas to pick up, I’d like to invite you to take a look at my pinterest board as well for suggestions.

After Christmas, the Holidays are not over yet! I have many fond memories as a child celebrating Three Kings Day with traditional church service and the story of the Three Kings following the star to Bethlehem and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus.   My mother would always wrap a small gift and place it under the tree to surprise us on January 6th.

As an adult, this holiday has a sentimental meaning to me because it reminds me about my childhood in Mexico and the traditions that we pass on from generation to generation.

Please join me on December 27, 2012 to discuss Three Kings Day traditions and gift ideas for your loved ones.  We’ll also be giving away Best Buy Gift cards!

Party Details:

What: Best Buy #GiftsThatDo Twitter Party

When: Thursday, December 27th, from 4-5PM PST/7-8 PM EST
Where: Twitter
Hashtag: #GiftsThatDo


Who to Follow:

Hosts: @Eva_Smith

Brand: @BestBuy



Winners will be selected at random, for a total of four (4) winners:

  • (4) $25 Best Buy Gift Cards




To be eligible to win prizes, you must RSVP:


Disclosure: I have partnered with Best Buy in their Holiday “Gifts that Do” efforts. All opinions are my own.


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