Tech Tuesday: Balancing Technology, Health & Fitness

As many of us know it takes a lot of time to manage a Social Media, Blogging and Influencer Presence.  However, lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with work commitments, blogging deadlines and home responsibilities so I decided to do things a little different.  This week I’m going to put some curves in my routine and schedule more ME time.  That’s right, more ME time.  When I started to write this post I was feeling a bit guilty but the more I thought about it I realized that I need to work smarter and not harder.   I need to find apps to help me balance my technology, health and fitness goals.





I’m going to start looking for more technology apps and resources to automate and streamline a lot of the tasks:

  1. Ring it Up app to create invoices on the fly whether I’m the road or taking a break.
  2. Checklist to create checklist for the home, work and entrepreneurship responsibilities. 
  3. Evernote to help me capture my ideas & memories on my mobile phone.
  4. Go Daddy to help me search and purchase domain names.  Yes. I collect domain names.
  5. Yahoo to manage my email overload.
  6. Cohuman to help me prioritize deadlines and delegate tasks.  
  7. WordPress app to help me draft blog post, especially posts that only take a minute to write such as a Wordless Wednesday.   
Health & Fitness
My current fitness passion is Zumbaa.   My membership at an all Womens gym is coming to a close and I’m considering joining a gym that has all the things I love like quiet spaces for women to work out and a separate area for instructor led classes.  I’m really looking forward to this new adventure.   While I wait to find the perfect gym I’m also going to invest in some Smartphone Health & Fitness apps:
  1. MyFitnessPal to track my calorie count and help me plan healthy meals
  2. Lose it! app to journal and track calories goals.
  3. iTreadmill to track steps, distance, speed, calories burned & more
  4. Noom.  Also a great calorie counting app.  However, the coach on this app is really cool.  He’ll send you daily tasks, fun challenges and fun challenges to meet fitness goals.
The next time I get ready to sit in front of the computer, I’m going to ask myself this question:
Sit in front of the computer all night on Social Media OR Extreme Zumbaa fitness?
That’s right I’m picking fitness baby! Zumbaaaaaaaaa!


Question:  What cool apps help you balance Tech, Health & Fitness?  How do you make room for fitness with your busy schedule?

Top 10 Holiday Fashion and Entertaining Tips

It’s officially the holiday season is here and with that comes holiday entertaining and festive parties! I met with celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi and author and home entertaining guru, Katie Lee to help us get holiday ready!

Robert Verdi and Katie Lee are partnering with P&G to share some of their must-have products and tips to prepare for a festive holiday season.

Robert suggests that every woman develop at least one day-to-night look to get her through the holiday season:

  1. Adding a bold lip color using COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Lip Duo, a smoky eye with bold, intense lash volume by COVERGIRL LashBlast 24HR Mascara or a chic hairstyle in addition to a few key accessories can transform an outfit from the office to a party Must have products!
  2. Best Way to Change an Outfit from Day to Night – Wear sparkle shirt underneath a cardigan.  Layer your outfit to change it instantly and  accessorize your outfit with jewelry. Wear modest necklace for work and change it up for evening. Also carry a clutch for the holidays with essential products such as Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara and lipstick.
  3. Best Fashion – Find colors  for your holiday wardrobe that look good on you such as rich purple, peacock blue and red.  Red always photograph well and is a universal color that looks great on all skin tones.  Peacock blue is trendy.  Sunny, bright, optimistic yellow can make use feel good.  Compliment your winter ward robe with a great pair of jeans. trousers, tuxedo jacket to wear with jeans or pencil skirt, fabulous cashmere sweater and a little black dress.
  4. Best Skin Care: If you have oily skin, use a powder to keep skin even and bright.
  5. Best Lipstick Colors – Classic Red or Red-Orange to bring out your personality .
  6. Best Haircare – If you have frizzy hair its all about conditioning.
  7. Best Holiday Gifts – Give an escape from the chaos of life gift to your friends, such as Olay Holiday Winter Rescue
Katie Lee provided essential holiday tips for the home.  Katie relies on products that help her get the cleaning done faster like Swiffer® WetJet® Extra Power Pad: With the scrubbing power of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® and Swiffer 360°Dusters
  1. Preparing Yourself for the Holidays – Make Lists to consolidate trips to the store and give you comfort that your prepared .  This tip will also reduce the amount of trips you make to the store.
  2. Preparing Your Home for the Holidays –  Choose cleaning products that make your life eaier.  Best recomended items for the home is the Swiffer Wet jet & swiffer The swifer jet
  3. Guest Baskets – Create a small guest basket for your home visitors that includes a Tootbrush, Toothpaste, soap, Puffs facial tissues, bandaids, lotion to make your guests feel at home.

In addition, there are other P&G beauty products can help you get your family and friends, your home and yourself ready for the holidays this year.   Don’t forget about yourself in the holiday shuffle.

P&G gas graciously offered one of my readers a P&G home or beauty gift pak!Please follow the instructions to enter to win:

This is part of a sponsored campaign with P&G. However, all opinions expressed are my own

Question:  What is your best holiday tip?

Drinking Milk Makes Bedtime & Life Better! #Positivismo

As a child I had several bedtime rituals to go to sleep.  Brush my teet, brush my hair and jump into my favorite cozy pijamas.  When I had a child of my own I incorporated the same routine and included a warm glass of milk.  Sometimes I add a little chocolate abuelita to it as well to make it a perfect routine for bedtime for my family.

Whenever I feel restless I know just the thing to make me sleep well! A warm glass of  milk.  Drinking milk before going to bed helps my family sleep better.  Sending your kids to bed early with a glass of milk may help them to be more awake and alert the following morning.  Drinking warm milks helps your body rest.

Telemundo and Univision is currently airing the California Milk Board’s TV spot, “Ya es hora de ir a la cama”.  Have you seen it?


If not, please  make sure to tune in every night between 7-9 pm PT to Telemundo and Univision to watch the California Milk Board’s TV spot, “Ya es hora de ir a la cama” which reminds parents and children that it’s time to go to bed!


It’s a great initiative to encourage kids to go to sleep and rest well.  Don’t forget to spread the word!



Don’t forget to follow The Master of the Glass Half Full on Facebook and Twitter.   Visit the “Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno” website at:

This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
Question:  What is your bedtime routine? Do you have a bedtime routine for your children?  

Shape Up for Summer With El Paso Positivo

Our summer has gotten off to a fantastic start.  Birthdays, Graduation and Family is what I always look forward to during the summer.  We had a wonderful block party with my family last week to celebrate Continue reading “Shape Up for Summer With El Paso Positivo” »


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