Collaborate with us for your social media marketing needs and give yourself the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.

Business & Nonprofit Services offered:

  • Sponsored Posts:  Develop creative campaign to  drive traffic to your site.
  • Short-tern Social Media Marketing: Support or promote your next campaign to help you grow following and/or engagement.
  • Community Management:  Update Facebook, Twitter and/or web pages on behalf of your company.
  • Community Building:  Create Facebook, Twitter & other Social Media channels on behalf of your organization and assist you with identifying target market group(s) and building communities online.
  • Brand Ambassador:  Promote your Brand exclusively at an event or a specific timeline.
  • Twitter Parties:  Develop Twitter influencer campaign to increase awareness of your event or initiative.
  • Social Media Training:   Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media 101 & Engagement Coaching.
  • One on One Social Media Training.
  • Staff Social Media Training.

If you would like to discuss the above services or other creative opportunities contact


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