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We are a very busy and active family with alot of gadgets.  We travel several times a year during the holidays to experience the holiday season at our favorite places.  We’re a multicultural family and celebrate several holidays including Christmas, New Year and Three Kings Day.  When our family travels during the holidays our gadgets go everywhere we go.   We prepare with all the necessities of a home office, and take gadgets that have multiple functions and use minimal accessories.  We also don’t want to take our entire home office — so we pack small, light and compact.  Can you relate?


I’m going to share my favorite gadgets for on the go Tech Savvy Families and also list some details on the items that are on my wish list:


iPad Mini 

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Our reliable iPad Mini is small enough to fit in a carryon bag, but still large enough to function on the go.  My husband primarily uses it to watch movies,read books and read emails.   My children use it to play with the apps while were on the road.  I love to look at family photos and google maps for historical sites during roadtrips.  It brings back memories of all our trips. Also, with WiFi in hotels its a must have gadget for a traveling family.



Source: bestbuy.com via Eva on Pinterest


I  love taking photos during a road trip, editing, and publishing them as we travel.  Sony DSLR camera’s take Professional style photos with minimal effort. On our recent roadtrip from Miami to Walt Disney World, I was abe to upload daily photos of our trip to share with family.

Whether we’re traveling by plane or on a roadtrip, I feel secure knowing that we have technology at our finger tips when we travel.  On our 10 day trip through Southwest National Parks and historic sites during the summer our gadgets were very instrumental in helping us plan visits to historical sites such as Socorro, New Mexico to visit the San Miguel Mission, established in 1626.

Our family also picks up some small items gifts for Three Kings Day Celebration to celebrate the holiday and special family members in our life:


Source: bestbuy.com via Eva on Pinterest


Our famly  loves the Retro POP Handset.  We walk around the house chatting on our mobile phone sand it is just like using our house phone.   This phone is a lot of fun for the children and also for the entire family.  I’ll get them in various colors for Tres Reyes gift giving.



Source: bestbuy.com via Eva on Pinterest



One of my favorite movies of the year is Brave.  I love buying movies for the family and watching them throughout the year in the house or during a roadtrip.  Our pick for Tres Reyes celebration is Brave, but seriously there are so many more wonderful movies to choose from.   A movie is a must have item for Three Kings Day celebration.



Source: bestbuy.com via Eva on Pinterest

I always pick up a couple of gift cards under $25 and hand them out to family during Tres Reyes day to purchase a phone battery, office equipment, mouse or other home office accessories. It’s a wonderful way to kick off the New Year with the people we love.



Source: lovetheit.com via Eva on Pinterest


By now your probably wondering, how I organize it all?  I pack all my tech gadgets in this handy purse that doubles as a camera bag — seriously, it’s a versatile tech accessory bag. I make it my own by adding my personilize pens and journals.  This bag functions as both a purse and bag, but best of all it makes me a very Tech Savvy Mom.


Question:  What Tech Gadget are on your wish list?  What Technology gadgets do you recommend?  What gifts will you be getting your loved ones for the Holidays or Three Kings Day (Tres Reyes Day)?

Disclosure:  I have partnered with Best Buy in their Holiday “Gifts that Do” efforts.  All opinions are my own.


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