Top Four Takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp 2012 #BBCVegas

I love conferences!  But there is one conference that is close and dear to my heart.  Bloggy Bootcamp is a conference for new and experienced bloggers.  I attended my first conference in March 2011.  It’s the one conference where I have been able to grow as a blogger because the speakers tell it like it is and share an overwhelming amount of tips.

I had the honor of going to Bloggy Bootcamp with my daughter. We ventured off the beaten path on the way home and made a mini vacation of it. It was so much fun.

While in Las Vegas I also had the opportunity to make new friends at Bloggy Bootcamp and get to meet the faces behind the blogs.  There were so much advice to pack in my suitcase which has taken me a week to process.

Here are my five takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp

#1)  The secret IS in the support – Tiffany Romero

Have you ever been surrounded by women that truly support you?  For me that is what Bloggy Bootcamp is all about.   Through the first bloggy bootcamp conference I attended, I have been able to establish and maintain several relationships with bloggers.  Throughout this years conference and breaks many of us had the opportunity to meet each other face to face for the first time, share ideas, listen, motivate each other and give each other genuine support.

I was able to bond with the group of ladies  I attended Bloggy Bootcamp with. It was evident to me by noticing the closeness of the women and seeing all the relationships that were developing that one of the secrets to success is support!

#2) “Where you put your energy is where you get your results” – Tiffany Romero

Tiffany shared with us to make sure to pay attention on where we are focusing our goals.  For example, if your goal is to get a paid campaign make sure to focus our attention on attaining the goal and putting together an action plan to meet your goals.  If we’re not sure how to attain the goal. Imagine that you have attained your goal and work backwards to figure out the order of the steps.  This is an excellent tip for planning goals.

#3) “It is impossible to be a stellar mom and business woman at the same time  – Balance is Bunk” – Danielle Smith

One of the best pieces of advice!  As a mom we really try to do it all, be all and be the perfect parent, wife and blogger.   I like Danielle’s advise. If we try to balance too many balls as a mom sometimes we will fail. We won’t be  good mom, or a good wife or even a good blogger.  I certainly plan to implement Danielle’s advised to prioritize my obligations.


#4) If it isn’t a Hell Yeah!  Than its a no! – Danielle Smith



Lately I have been offered opportunities that I have had to decline.  I couldn’t really put my finger on one specific reason.  Either the opportunity required me to be away too long, offerred no compensation for the amount of time required or it just wasn’t the right fit.  I’m really glad that Danielle shared her quote with us during Bloggy Bootcamp to put what I have been going through in perspective for future opportunities.  If it’s not a Hell ‘ya, than its simply a no. 

If you would like to see additional photos from bloggy bootcamp, make sure to check out my Bloggy Bootcamp Vegas Facebook photo album.

Question:  What were your biggest takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp?  Share a comment and make sure to link to your post using comment luv below.

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