Hispanic Children’s Author Partners with GOT MILK? & TOMA LECHE to Offer Tools for Restful Sleep at Carson-Gore Reading Event

Great news for California community schools!  The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK? and TOMA LECHE, is hosting a reading event at various schools in California with Latino Storyteller and Author Antonio Sacre (A Mango in the HandLa Noche Buena – A Christmas Story and The Barking Mouse).

Carson-Gore Reading Event

With kids going back to school, parents need to do everything they can to ensure their kids are performing well in school.  However, as parents we also need to realize that a productive date starts with a good night’s sleep.

Carson-Gore Reading Event

Through the reading events, the author will raise awareness about the importance of proper sleep to ensure children get a good night’s sleep and prevent fatigue and irritability.   Studies show that a warm glass of milk coupled with a bedtime ritual of storytelling can help provide a good night’s rest, while promoting family bonding.

Carson-Gore Reading Event

Remaining Event Dates:*

9/24 – Fresno – McCardle Elementary School
9/25 – Sacramento – Woodbine Elementary
9/26 – San Francisco – Cleveland Elementary School
9/27 – San Diego Logan Elementary School
10/3 – San Clemente – Las Palmas Elementary School

 * Events are not open to the public

The National Sleep Foundation reports that school-aged children up to 12 years need at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep daily.[1]  Yet health experts say distractions from busy life and influences from technology such as computers and video games result in inadequate sleep in children today.

To help parents cope, GOT MILK? & TOMA LECHE have created eight bilingual milk-themed bedtime children’s stories specifically created for the campaign. “The Waves on the Moon,” “Thirsty Carlitos,” “A Day with Pedro” and “Elena the Slurping Monkey,” “Benito the Grumpy Elephant,” “The Lake’s Secret” and “Dante’s Monstrous Monsters” and “White Downpour” will be available for download for free at  www.otroscuentos.com starting today.

What a great initiative to educate parents and students!

Download a free bilingual book at  www.otroscuentos.com .  Which bilingual book did you download?  What bedtime story is your favorite?


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