#CorazonesBlindados on Mundo Fox Episodes Recap

I’ve been watching Corazones Blindados on Mundo Fox.  The police drama airs daily from 8pm-9pm PST/CT.  While on duty, Officers Raúl Ávila and Diana Ochoa become partners. At the beginning their relationship is off to a rocky start, but with time, these colleagues fall in love. It’s the beginning of a unique love story, a modern take on police partners that revolves around workplace romance, strong, single working women, passionate policemen packed with drama and action.


Officer Raul figures out a way to save her and they are back on patrol again.   During the first episode an inmate escapes while being transported to another facility. Officer Raul later learns that the inmate that escapes is the person who caused his father’s death.  Within the first couple episodes Diana is kidnapped and Officer Raul figures out a way to save her.  The current episodes finds Officers Raúl Ávila and Diana Ochoa fighting crime in the dangerous streets full of drug cartels, addicts and criminals.  Officer Raul and Diana enter an area of homeless drug addicts and criminals unarmed to save a young woman’s life.   The woman is brought to safety and Diana accompanies the woman in the ambulance to support her.

There is one criminal with a close relationship to Raul which keeps escaping capture.  Tune in Monday-Friday at 8/9 PM ET/PT for conclusion.

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Corazones Blindados Cast Play Roles That Depict Characters In Real Life Situations

MundoFox police drama series Corazones Blindados began on Monday, October 22.    The series is based on real life scenarios faced by the National Police Force of Colombia.   In the show’s first week, we saw what’s in store for us for the rest of the season.   This show airs Monday-Friday at 8/9 PM ET/PT.     One of the reasons I like the show is the cast.   The actors play roles that depict their characters in real life situations, give viewers a glimpse into the perils faced by Colombian police by sharing the heart aches, triumphs and challenges faced on the daily basis.

The character Lieutenant Raul Avila  is played by actor Andres Sandoval who has always dreamed of being a motorcyclist.  His life takes a major turn after he loses his father.   During the first series you can see an attraction between Raul and his partner Diana begin to develop.


Colombian actress Majida Issa does an outstanding job of portraying  Assistant Superintendent Diana Ochoa.   Her character is a tough as nails policewoman who plays a police supervisor, a role which is normally cast for males in main stream police dramas.  Her character is a single mother who is very well liked and respected in her community of police officers.   She doesn’t let her personal life interfere with her job and seems to have a good grasp on separating her personal life from professional life until she meets her subordinate Lieutenant Raul Avila.

The chemistry between the two characters, the fact that the show depicts a relationship between a female Assistant Superintendent and male Lieutenant and suspense will definitely keep viewers interested in the storyline.  I am enjoying following the series.

Mundo Fox has graciously made the first episode available to my readers, grab your popcorn and tune in for Mundo Fox first episode of Corazon Blindados.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Hispanicize digital and Mundo Fox. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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