How To Sell Your Phone With eBay Sell My Phone

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in collaboration with eBay. However, all opinions are 100% my own.

Technology is changing every day, especially in the smartphone industry.  If you’re like me and  like to purchase the latest and greatest phone gadgets you may find yourself looking for ways to quickly recoup some of your money to  buy the next latest and greatest gadget, of course.  eBay Sell My Phone provides a resource to make money by selling your phone and is easy to use.

Here are five simple steps to sell your phone with eBay:

Five Steps To Sell Your Phone on eBAY with Sell My Phone

1. Take 3-5 High Quality Photos of Your Phone.  Place the phone on a table near natural sunlight and take a close up photo of the phone you are selling.  If you are including the accessories with your sale, consider taking a separate photo of the accessories as well and a photo of the phone with the accessories.   Make sure to untangle the chords and organize the prior to taking the photo.

2. Remove personal information from our phone. Prior to shipping the phone restore your phone to the factory defaults. Make sure to do this step first to ensure you don’t forget.

3. Find the Current Price of Your Phone.  Use eBay’s selling tool to check the selling price of your phone.  Be honest about the condition of the phone (ie Poor, Fair, Excellent) and phones memory (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc..).

4. List Your Phone. Select a price you want to sell your phone at.  You may want to open another browser window at this point to check the price of other phones that are similar to yours.  If you are in a hurry to sell you may want to consider the “Buy It Now” option.  However, depending on the type of phone and eBay’s Sell My Phone inventory you may get more  than the asking price.

5. Sell it & Get Paid   Within a couple of minutes you will start seeing bidders, sell your phone and receive your payment via PayPal.  Are you ready to sell your phone now, visit eBay Sell My Phone now.

eBay SmartPhone Price Comparison Infographic




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