Tune In to Corazones Blindados coming to Mundo Fox October 22!

Corazones Blindados premieres Monday October 22nd on Mundo Fox from 8-9pm ET/PT and runs daily weekdays. The new drama tells the tough life story of Bogota Colombia’s Metropolitan Police officers who combat crime while raising a family and dealing with their personal problems.

While on duty, Officers Raúl Ávila and Diana Ochoa become partners. At the beginning their relationship is off to a rocky start, but with time, these colleagues fall in love. It’s the beginning of a unique love story, a modern take on police partners that revolves around workplace romance, strong, single working women, passionate policemen packed with drama and action.

Avila who wanted to become a motorcycle rider, finished choosing the profession of lawman when he lost his father to crime.  Diana lost her husband, also a policeman when the guerrillas took him hostage.  The story of these two begins when a criminal escapes from prison.


Raul Avila  by actor Andres Sandoval, Diana Ochoa by actress Majida Issa, Sofia Arango  by Michelle Gc, Marcela Torres by Natalia Duran and Assistant Superintendent Vicente Yáñez  by actor Carlos Manuel Vesga.

Program Overview

Tired of the same type of police drama series? MundoFOX brings you a modern take on Police Partners that you won’t want to miss!  I had the opportunity to preview the first episode of the program.   The drama is full of action, suspense and mystery.  This detective series is also a welcomed addition to the current Mundo Fox programming.  I watched the entire 1 hour program on the edge of my seat.  I love that the program is not predictable and  watched the episode twice to capture all the action.

If your looking for something exciting and new to your television programming make sure to add this program to your list.  Don’t miss this drama series with real life cases encountered by the National Police Force of Colombia. Each daily one hour episode was shot on location in high-definition in Bogotá.  The series also has special scenes shot at the National School of Operations (CENOP), the military academy where Special Forces from Colombia and other countries train.

Get ready to be hooked on this new MundoFox series, Andrés Sandoval and Majida Issa bring you “Corazones Blindados”

Preview FULL First Episode of Corzones Blindados courtesy of Mundo Fox

Mundo Fox has graciously made the first episode available to my readers, grab your popcorn and tune in for Mundo Fox first episode of Corazon Blindados.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Hispanicize digital and Mundo Fox. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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