Ten Tips To Increase Reach and Engagement On Facebook Without Paying

Have you noticed the reach and engagement on your Facebook page decrease?   Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed that the reach of each of my posts has decreased tremendously.  I suspect this is due to the fact that Facebook wants to encourage people to use promoted posts.  I personally don’t believe I should have to pay to reach out to the communities  I administer. I also don’t utilize the promoted post features.  Inorder to maintain active readers you need to engage with your facebook fans and win them beyond the “like”.

Here are 10 tips to help you increase your reach and engagement on Facebook without paying:

1. Did you know Facebook rolled out a feature in November 2012 that allow users to subscribe to notifications whenever their favorite Pages write a new post. This feature is similar to “Close Friends” Facebook Friends Feature.



To increase reach & engagement to your page encourage your readers to subscribe to your FB page for notifications and to ensure your Facebook page is in their newsfeed.  Your loyal fans will jump right in. However, if you suggest this feature make sure to minimize the number of times you post to 1-2 times a day and no more than 7 times a week.   I tested this feature on some of my favorite pages and sadly had to unsubscribe on a couple pages who posted 3-5+ times daily.

Here is a close-up of the photo above:


2. Timing.  Space out your posts to 1-2 times per day.  Also, consider scheduling some posts between 8pm-7am when more users are online in the evening or weekends as well.  I typically will kick start the day with one post in the morning and another post around lunchtime.  If there is a lot of engagement I will add another post at the end of the day.

3. Give Fans access to exclusive content that you would normally not offer on your blog.  For example, offer a coupon, trial samples, sneak previews, sales, breaking news in the topics you write about, exclusive giveaways & discount codes.  Countdown the number of days until the next big event (ie Movies, Play, etc…). 

4. Respond/engage with your readers when they ask questions.  Check your message box and setup notifications to ensure you receive updates.

5. Photos Photos Photos. Share good quality photos of live events you attend.  Headed to a local event?  Consider sharing a photo at the event or a photo album after the event.  Follow the weekly memes and post your photos to Twtter for #ThrowbackThursday #MusicMonday #FoodFriday, #PictureOfTheDay, etc.. 

6. Simple Content is very important.  Keep your content simple to 80 words or less to ensure you get more likes, shares & comments.  Make sure not to make paragraphs of your posts. Social Media users attention span is getting shorter and shorter.  You need to capture the attention of your fans within the first 3 seconds or the user will go on to the next page.

7. Ask fans to interact with your posts by asking them to like, comment and/or share your posts.  Studies have shown that fans are 3xs more likely to like, comment or share a post when asked to do so.  (Instead of sharing ‘here is my photo I took in Hawaii consider “Like this photo if you love Hawaii”)

8. Use your page as a destination to discuss topics at major events of the day (ie The Oscars, Superbowl, Fashion tips, DIY tips) or for crowd source (ie impromptu Facebook chat).   Ask questions during the event to drive conversation.

9. Keep an eye on your insights.  After trying the above tips for a week, check your insights for time period when you have the best engagement and reach and adjust the timing of your posts accordingly.

10.  Keep it real.  Be personable. There is something special, quirky that sets us all apart.  Don’t be afraid to open up a little and share your quirks. You’ll find some of your fans have the same quirks in common. Be outrageous or dreamy but never be boring.





Question:  What other tips would you recommend to increase reach and engagement on Facebook without paying?


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