10 FUN Things You Can Do With Mom On Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day can be a busy and stressful time for some people. Especially, if you wait until the last minute to purchase a gift. However, this year you can have the best Mother’s Day yet and it won’t break the bank. We put together 10 fun things you can do with mom on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

History Of Mother’s Day

Did you know the creator of Mother’s Day, Ann Jarvis originally celebrated Mother’s day in 1908, three years after her mother’s death as a tribute to her mom and motherhood everywhere. Although Ann never had any children of her own, her efforts led to recognition of Mother’s Day as a national holiday within six years! As the creator of Mother’s Day Ann tried to end the holiday when it started to be commercialized after she felt that the holiday was not being recognized as she envisioned. She never succeeded in her efforts to abolish the Holiday and Mother’s Day is now a 20 billion dollar holiday.


As you think about Mother’s day should we consider breaking the bank or just honoring mom? I think the answer is somewhere in between. It’s important to celebrate our mothers and honor them to show them we love them and appreciate them.


Here 10 Ways To Honor Mom That Won’t Break The Bank

1. Create A Picture Album For Mom: Find your top 10 favorite photos with you and mom and create a picture book in a photo album.

2. Write Mom A Poem: In your own words write mom a sweet poem to show her how much you care about her and love her. Also check out write a poem in 50 seconds for some help with writing a poem. Sometimes the poems are kind of silly, but it’s a great resource for words that rhyme for your special poem. It will also make you smile. Everyone needs some more joy in their life.

3. Take Mom To The Park: Pack some lunch and take mom to the park. If you have children it is also a great place for bonding with family. Give mom your full attention and don’t let anything distract you from spending quality time with mom.

4. Take Mom To The Beach: Pack a lunch, put on your flip flops and take mom for a walk on the beach. There is nothing more comforting than having sand in your toes while walking on the beach with mom. It will be a priceless memory.

5. Take Mom To The Local Flower Garden: Flowers are in full bloom during the spring time. Instead of buying mom a $100 floral arrangement, take mom to see live flower fields and buy her a bouquet of flowers. Look at your local newspaper for flower gardens, flower fields or flower festivals in your area.

6. Make Mom Breakfast In Bed: Nothing says I LOVE YOU MOM like breakfast in bed. We don’t care what you make. It can just be fruit, cereal and coffee. As long as it is made with love, you will make mom’s day.

7. Take Mom To Lunch At her Favorite Place: Does your mom really want to dine at a fancy restaurant or does she prefer that mom and pop restaurant down the street? Don’t forget, it’s Mother’s day. Let mom decide where she wants to celebrate and take her there and make it just like old times.

8. Give Mom Unlimited Access To Her Favorite Magazines: You can purchase an app such as Texture for under $20 a month and bring over 200 digital copies of magazines to mom’s tablet.

9. Make Her Gift EXTRA SPECIAL: If you have already purchased her gift make it extra special. For example if you bought her an iPad or iPhone fill it up with special memories and include photos of you, her and family. Buy her some of her favorite books, take the time to help her learn how to use the gadget or include an Amazon gift card or itunes gift card so she can download her favorite books and music.

10. Just Show Up! Pack yourself in your car and bring mom the best gift of all, your beautiful smiling face. Don’t forget MOM really just wants to spend time with you. In our busy digital lifestyles, the biggest and greatest gift you can give MOM is YOUR time.

No fancy lunch date for our family this year! We’re taking mom to her favorite family mom and pop restaurant.

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you find our tips useful.



Spring: A Time For Renewel And Restoration

Springtime is a time of renewal and restoration.  For me it’s a time to take an inventory of everything around me and identify projects, commitments and hobbies that add value.  It’s also a time to prioritize tasks and get rid of things that consume too much time and don’t add value.   Most importantly, it’s a time to take some quiet time to restore my soul by spending time with loved ones and “me time”.



The symbol of renewal and restoration for me is a flower garden.   Similar to springtime renewal a flower garden requires attention and care to bloom.  Flowers also require watering to keep the flower stems and leaves healthy.  Flowers also require pruning to remove old, dead and decaying leaves and stems to  help the flower garden grow and bloom.

I hope you will take time during the Spring to take an inventory and prioritize things and people that add value to your life.  As you take stock of all the things that matter don’t forget about some “me time” and take some time for YOU.  YOU are the most important asset YOU have.



When was the last time you let yourself take the unexpected turn and see what unfolds? #seewhatunfolds

When was the last time you let yourself take the unexpected turn, the road less traveled and see what unfolds? For me as a fulltime employee, mom, wife and entrepreneur I need to make time for myself to explore and be creative.   It’s a pretty hectic day on the day to day basis in the Smith home.  Work, laundry, blog posts, deadlines — Can you relate?

One week in the busyness of it all I took  a walk in the park.   The following day I joined a  Zumbaa dance class to dance all night, release stress and just having a lot of fun with friends. It took me back to my teens and twenties when I danced to the rhythm of dance choreography and  college cheer.   The following day I took the day off to rejuvenate and relax and was swept up in a bit of fun. I grabbed a beach bag, bathing suit and sunglasses and made another  journey!  I enjoyed  a visit to the spa, a swedish massage and lunch — a completely spontaneous week.

While at the spa I enjoyed some Trident Layers gum.  The new Trident Layers flavors include a line up of unique blends including Layers Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus, Layers Peach + Mango, and Layers Juicy Berry + Tangy Tangerine.   My favorite is the layers orchard peach ripe mango gum.  It’s been my favorite gum to date.

I normally will chew up a pack of gum in less than a day because the flavor of the gum goes away quickly, but Trident Layers gum is different.  The flavor lasts a long time and has a  natural fruit flavor.  A pack of Trident gum will last at least a week.  The best thing is that its sugar free.

Trident is the spark that ignites a journey connecting you to the positivity you’ve always had inside.  Whenever I have a stick of  Trident gum it takes me back to the day I started to dance again and take a little bit of time for mom.  These days you’ll find me hiding my Trident mango-peach gum from my family and buying an extra pak to share.

Trident chewing gum invites you to “See What Unfolds” when its flavors create a spark that ignites a journey connecting you to the positivity you’ve always had inside.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and TRIDENT, however, all opinions expressed are my own.


Question:  When was the last time you let yourself take the unexpected turn and see what unfolds?

Never Leave Your Child Alone In A Car for “Just A Minute”

Yesterday I observed two people leave their kids in the car for “just a minute”. I saw a car stop in front of Office Depot. The man hopped out of the car and left the car running in 100 degree weather! As I crossed the street towards the parking lot I looked at the car and said, “Hmmm, maybe not a good idea to leave a Mercedes with the engine running and the keys in the ignition parked on the curb”.


I also saw an infant in his car seat with his little brother consoling him in the back seat. I stood there  and watched the kids with my friends until the dad walked out of the store, hopped back into his car and drove away without a care in the world.

A couple hours later I went to Radio Shack with my husband and as we parked the car we noticed that the vehicle next to us had its windows down. A little boy stood up from the back seat of the car and started walking around the car.  We notice that the child was by himself in the car. He waved at me and looked worried. Then the unthinkable happened, he opened the door.

Seriously, I just couldn’t take it anymore! I got out of  the car, walked into the store and looked for the store clerk, mom or dad and found the parents. The Mom says, “My husband was keeping an eye on him while we were in the store for just a minute”.  They noticed that their son was walking outside of the car, picked him up, put the kids in the car and they drove off.

When a child is left alone in the car there is no one there to make sure the temperature is safe for them. They also can’t protect themselves from other people that may want to cause them harm.   Someone may not always be around to watch kids that are left in the car by themselves.  Everyone says, it just can’t happen to me, but all it takes is a minute to put your child in harms way.

I think next time I may not be so nice and watch people’s kids that are by themselves in their car and I’ll call the police. And then again, I think I’ll watch the kids because who else will.



Eva Smith Tech Life Magazine





Question: What would you do if you saw a child by themselves in a car? Would you ignore it? Would you find the parents?  Would you call the police?


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