2016 Lincoln MKX Will Be First To Offer Revel Audio

The 2016 Lincoln MKX will be the first to offer Revel Audio. I first listened to the Revel audio elevated sound a couple months ago and fell in love with the quantum logic surround sound.



With QuantumLogic, Lincoln owners use a touchscreen to select from three distinct listening modes: Traditional stereo,  Audience, for an intimate concert experience where the boundaries of the vehicle seemingly disappear  or On Stage, a 360-degree experience that puts listeners seemingly in the middle of the soundstage, arranging individual instruments and musical elements throughout the cabin.




The Revel audio has a vivid sound.  The sound is very clear, smooth and feels like you are sitting in the front seat of an orchestra or on stage with a live band.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.  The next best thing to this type of quality audio is a very expensive and high-end home stereo.  However, 2016 Lincoln owners and their occupants will get the experience from the comfort of their vehicles.   I highly recommend the On Stage listening mode.


Revel, HARMAN International’s most exclusive loudspeaker brand, worked with Lincoln engineers and designers to craft a 13-speaker Revel audio system and a 19- speaker Revel Ultima™ system for the all-new Lincoln MKX.   All 19 speakers are tailored uniquely for Lincoln MKX.   The audio system went through rigorous testing, including 100 listening tests to obtain listening status.



The Science of Sound: Revel Audio

“‘Science of Sound’ means the placement, tuning, calibration and number of speakers are unique to each Lincoln model to ensure superior sound quality and audio accuracy,” Voecks said. According to Revel audio engineering team “It blends precision technology with the human element of psychoacoustics to deliver a rich experience.”

View the Science of Sound: Revel Audio video for more details:

It is great to see audio and science converge to create a memorable experience.

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