Saddleback Bags How to Knock Off a Bag Misses The Mark

I read an article by Red Head Writing, How To Gracefully Deal With Haters.  Apparently, the owner of Saddleback bags has a lot of companies ripping off his bags. His response is a snarky video to show people how to rip off his bags. Making fun of Mexicans and depicting Mexicans in poor working conditions.


Initially, I thought it was kind of a smart way to respond. I took a look at the bags and admired the quality and even considered buying my husband and myself a bag.   However, after watching the video I was really offended by how he treated his employees and his statements that make fun of Domestic Violence at 11:20.  The photo above is the expression on his face when he is making the following remark:

“Knocking off this bag will be easier than beating your wife and kids, especially if you have a large family.”

I was born in Mexico and lived there for 10 years and still maintain my dual citizenship. I still have many family members who live and work in Mexico.  The video is very clever.  However, it misses the mark with these statements.   I am also concerned that Erika Napoletano a strategist & columist is backing this video as it makes fun of domestic violence & Mexicans. This video is not a graceful depiction of how to deal with haters.  It is the complete opposite.   If you are a social media strategist, please don’t ever encourage your clients to make a similar video.

I’m also concerned with what Dave Munson said as well.  Especially since he lived in Mexico!   The video could have been done without the statements at 11:20 and without depicting Mexicans in poor working conditions.

I went to Ericka’s Facebook page and Saddleback’s You Tube page to address my concern with no response from Saddleback.  Erika told me to take a look at the comments from others because according to viewers, I missed the mark.   Then she followed up her statement advising that maybe the brand isn’t for me.   She is correct, A brand that makes fun of domestic violence and takes jabs at Mexican culture is not for me.  In fact, it’s not for anyone.

Today, I’m writing a quick post to bring attention to this video and ask my fellow Latina and Latino Bloggers, Influencers and readers to take a look at the video and give me your honest opinion.


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Saddleback How To Knock Off a Bag video Mexican Stereotypes

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Question: Is this video offensive?  Are you also offended by the statements at 11:20?


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