How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms [infographic]

A great Infographic that details the perfect way to create posts for social media platforms and maximize your efforts in the Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.  This is a great cheet sheet!



Image Courtesy of My Clever Agency.

Pinterest Announces Secret Boards! What Are You Doing With Your 3 Secret Boards?

Pinterest announced some recent  enhancements on Friday night!  You can now create up to 3 SECRET boards that only you and people you invite can see.

According to Pinterest, “Secret boards give you a place for things you’re not quite ready to share yet, like a surprise party, special gift ideas, or even planning for a new baby. We’re testing out the feature by giving everyone 3 secret boards. You’ll find them at the bottom of your profile. We can’t wait to hear what you think!”

Here’s how secret boards work on Pinterest:

  • You can create up to 3 secret boards. If you already have 3 secret boards but want to make a new one, you’ll need to delete one or make one of your current secret boards visible to everyone. If you’re invited to contribute to someone else’s secret board, it won’t count against your 3-board limit.
  • When you add a pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest—not in the category sections, Popular, Everything, anyone’s search results, your followers’ home feed, your own home feed, or even pins or activity pages on your profile.
  • Your secret boards and pins are at the bottom of your profile. Just scroll down to see them.

With the Social Media world becoming more public I may just use one of my secret boards for my families Christmas list or to collaborate with fellow bloggers online!

Read the details on Pinterest.

Question:  What will you do with your secret board?

Top Four Takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp 2012 #BBCVegas

I love conferences!  But there is one conference that is close and dear to my heart.  Bloggy Bootcamp is a conference for new and experienced bloggers.  I attended my first conference in March 2011.  It’s the one conference where I have been able to grow as a blogger because the speakers tell it like it is and share an overwhelming amount of tips.

I had the honor of going to Bloggy Bootcamp with my daughter. We ventured off the beaten path on the way home and made a mini vacation of it. It was so much fun.

While in Las Vegas I also had the opportunity to make new friends at Bloggy Bootcamp and get to meet the faces behind the blogs.  There were so much advice to pack in my suitcase which has taken me a week to process.

Here are my five takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp

#1)  The secret IS in the support – Tiffany Romero

Have you ever been surrounded by women that truly support you?  For me that is what Bloggy Bootcamp is all about.   Through the first bloggy bootcamp conference I attended, I have been able to establish and maintain several relationships with bloggers.  Throughout this years conference and breaks many of us had the opportunity to meet each other face to face for the first time, share ideas, listen, motivate each other and give each other genuine support.

I was able to bond with the group of ladies  I attended Bloggy Bootcamp with. It was evident to me by noticing the closeness of the women and seeing all the relationships that were developing that one of the secrets to success is support!

#2) “Where you put your energy is where you get your results” – Tiffany Romero

Tiffany shared with us to make sure to pay attention on where we are focusing our goals.  For example, if your goal is to get a paid campaign make sure to focus our attention on attaining the goal and putting together an action plan to meet your goals.  If we’re not sure how to attain the goal. Imagine that you have attained your goal and work backwards to figure out the order of the steps.  This is an excellent tip for planning goals.

#3) “It is impossible to be a stellar mom and business woman at the same time  – Balance is Bunk” – Danielle Smith

One of the best pieces of advice!  As a mom we really try to do it all, be all and be the perfect parent, wife and blogger.   I like Danielle’s advise. If we try to balance too many balls as a mom sometimes we will fail. We won’t be  good mom, or a good wife or even a good blogger.  I certainly plan to implement Danielle’s advised to prioritize my obligations.


#4) If it isn’t a Hell Yeah!  Than its a no! – Danielle Smith



Lately I have been offered opportunities that I have had to decline.  I couldn’t really put my finger on one specific reason.  Either the opportunity required me to be away too long, offerred no compensation for the amount of time required or it just wasn’t the right fit.  I’m really glad that Danielle shared her quote with us during Bloggy Bootcamp to put what I have been going through in perspective for future opportunities.  If it’s not a Hell ‘ya, than its simply a no. 

If you would like to see additional photos from bloggy bootcamp, make sure to check out my Bloggy Bootcamp Vegas Facebook photo album.

Question:  What were your biggest takeaways from Bloggy Bootcamp?  Share a comment and make sure to link to your post using comment luv below.

Tech Tuesday: Twitter Announces Major Design Changes to Showcase Profiles

Twitter announced some major design change to the way Twitter users can showcase their profiles online.  It makes a profile page an integral part of a users presence online.


The new changes allow users to customize profile pages with header photos that will be visable on, iPad, iPhone and Android.  Profile header photos will also appear across mobile and desktop.

Twitter announced some major design change to the way Twitter users can showcase their profiles online.

New Twitter Profile

The best feature change is the background image enhancements which allows Twitter users to control the elements within the background image of the profile and display the most recent six images you shared via Twitter.

Twitter users can switch to the new profile design starting today.  Read the detailed enhancement report HERE.
Question:  Will you switch to the new profile?  How can the new Twitter profile help you promote your brand online?

Join Me Today at 4:30pmPST/7:30PST for a #Blogalicious12 Google+ Hangout

Join Me Today at 4:30pmPST for a Google+ Hangout!  The Hangout will be live. It will be saved onto youtube. We are all new to this platform, so keep an open mind and be ready to learn from each other! We would like to conduct the hangout between 7:30-8:30. The format will include Q&A.

Participants will experience at past Blogalicious conferences, what we have learned in the past, how we have used the info to help your blogging, connections that we’ve  made, brands you have worked with, etc. We will do a getting to know you ice breaker activity for the first part of the hangout, then we will get into the questions.



What: #Blogalicious12 Google+ Hangout

When: Tuesday, September 4th at 7:30-8:30 PM EST/4:30-5:30PM PST


Host:  Swarthy Daisy

Hope to see you there!

Roadtrip to Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona

The Petrified Forest National Park is a United States national park in Navajo and Apache counties in northeastern Arizona.  It is considered one of the largest concentrations of petrified trees in the world.  The tree trunks in the forest have fossilized as petrified wood and is noted for its agates and late Triassic fossils.

A Spanish explorer is rumored to have named the area “El Desierto Pintado” (The Painted Desert) because the hills looked like they were painted with the colors of the sunset.

The trees in the petrified forest look like someone sawed the logs apart but are actually cracked over a period of time.  We were very fortunate to hike throughout the park.  The climate changed several times during our visit at the National park. At the beginning of the exploration there was heavy rains, winds and monsoon warnings.

In the middle of the trip is was hot but very clear.  It was a perfect opportunity to see all the colors of the Petrified Trees.

Towards the final hour of our hike we were alone in complete silence with the petrified forest and we were able to capture the beauty of the forest and a close and personal view of a colorful collared lizard which makes the Petrified Forest their home.  It was a surreal experience for a city girl like me that loves trees.

One of the things I couldn’t help but wonder is how the Petrified Forest was formed.  According to the Petrified National Park the forest dates back to 218 million years ago.  There was a large river system with coniferous trees, tree ferns, and some gingkoes trees along the waterways. As the trees died naturally, some floated downstream to form log jams.

The mineral silica, from volcanic ash, in stages of crystallization replaced most of the organic wood to form petrified trees.  The various “forests”  are those log jams which form the individual parks.   Today some people use petrified wood as a semi-precious gem.  However, it is against the law to remove petrified trees from the National park.

For additional Petrified Forest National Park photos, please go to my FB page HERE.   To plan a visit, go to the Petriefied Forest National Park website: .


Disclosure: The Latino Heritage roadtrip was partially funded by American Latino FundVerizon Wireless & General Motors.  The vehicle driven during the roadtrip was provided by General Motors.  All opinions and content rights are my own.

Tech Tuesday: How To Find Out How Many Fake Twitter Followers You Have

Have you ever wondered if your Twitter Followers are real people or fake accounts? As a Media professional agency or brand the task of vetting the quality of a users Twitter Followers may be a challenge and sometimes painful task.

The typical way to check for fake Twitter accounts is to check for followers that have a “goose egg” or very little updates. A fake account also tends to follow many users but tends to have very few or no followers.  However, when checking the quality of accounts with more than 1,000 users it can take an eternity to validate manually.

Social Media Management Platform for Business startup  Status People has developed a really cool application Fake Follower Check to check the quality of Twitter followers.  This makes it easier for marketers and media professional to vet Twitter accounts with a click of a button.  Fake Follower Check checks your Twitter followers to see if they are real or fake.  And  you can check your friends and ‘frenemies’ too.

Why did Status People develop the application?

According to Status People:

“There are two reasons. First it’s important for you to be sure when you communicate on Twitter that you are communicating with real and active followers. Because the more active your follower base the more likely they are to share your content.”

“The second reason is there are a growing number of Fakers out there. People who buy followers in a vain attempt to build legitimacy. “Look at me I have 20,000 followers, I must know my…” They are essentially trying to game the system and it’s important for you to be able to spot them, and steer clear of them. Because ultimately if you’re willing to lie about how many friends you have you are not a very trustworthy individual.”

I put the application to the test and verified my account and was very impressed with the ease of use of the application.

After the check was complete, the tool also allowed me to Tweet my results!

I definitely recommend this tool to anyone that needs to validate the quality of their Twitter followers, vet Twitter accounts or account of someone they may be considering working with.  Go ahead and give it a try here:


Question: Have you ever wondered whether you have fake Twitter users?  Did you test Status People’s Fakers application? What was your thoughts on the app results?

Tech Tuesday: Google Analytics Retiring Old Version & Focusing on New Version

Google Analytics announced today that they were retiring the old version. The new version include Google Analytics Real-Time,  a set of new reports that show what’s happening real-time on your site.  Google Analytics Real-Time was released on September 2011.  My favorite features include Social Reports which provide insight on social media source &  traffic being referred to your site. The mobile report also provides a comprehensive report on mobile devices referral to your site.  The new version of Google Analytics puts a lot of useful information at your fingertips.

For example, If you’re working on a campaign, you can immediately see the traffic that is being referred after you publish your article via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Reddit, or other Social Media platforms.

The data can be useful to bloggers and marketers to develop future social campaigns and help determine the best time of day for the increased traffic and the source of traffic for your campaigns.  I’m loving all the new features.

Question:  Are you using Google Analytics? What is your favorite Google Analytics Real-time feature?

Tech Tuesday: Facebook Changes Your Default Email Address to Email Address

Has anyone noticed that their default email address on your personal FB account has defaulted to <yourusername> ? [Read more…]

Movie Review: Walt Disney•Pixar Motion Picture Brave Release June 22

I had the opportunity to see a screening of Brave earlier this week at Disney Studios. Brave is an adventure about a teenage girl who is struggling to find herself and create her own destiny.  A lot of  kids, youth and adults will related with the movie theme, characters and [Read more…]


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