20 Reasons to switch to Google+ [Infographic]

Google+ is a very powerful Social Networking site.  I have not been able to crack the code yet.  However, a couple  things I like about Google+ is the circles, hangouts and search [Read more…]

Whoops! How to retract a Facebook Invitation

Have you been in a situation where you accidentally sent a Facebook invite and need to retract the request?  Or you sent an invite a couple weeks ago and still waiting to be added as a friend?  Would you like to retract the request? [Read more…]

Happy Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day!  Today is the day when we celebrate all things Social Media.  A day where we acknowledge Social Media and all the contributions it has provided to improve communication and collaboration with networking, businesses, education, nonprofits, multimedia & entertainment.  A day where we reach out to all the people  we have developed relationships with through the use of Social Media and possibly cultivate new ones.  A day where we also honor all the developers for making this day possible.  My hat goes off to you!  Let’s get Social today and interact!

Some of the popular Social Media Networks tools are  Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Fourquare and Flicker.  However, the common thing about Social Media is that it enables us  to listen as well as interact.

Here is a list of  useful Social Media Networks:




Reviews and opinions

Today is also the day where we cordially  invite  people who are currently not using Social Media to join the bandwagon and celebrate Social Media by creating a Social Media account and start engaging.

Start small by opening a Facebook or Twitter account and then use the reference table above to slowly build the social networks you collaborate in.   If you are an existing Social Media user you may want to use the list to continue to build your network.   Looking forward  to connecting with you!

How have you found Social Media useful?  Are you celebrating Social Media Day at local  Mashable Social Media Meetup?


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