Remembering 9/11 | The Story of the Survivor Tree

Today on the anniversary of September 11 we honor the memory and service of all men and women who lost their lives and the families affected by this event.  We also honor the men and women and families who protect our freedom.

I visited the memorial a couple years ago and shared a Virtual Tour of the 9/11 Memorial in New York.  Whenever I think about 9/11 I remember my visit to the memorial and the survivor tree.  The survivor tree left such a lasting impression on me because it withstood the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The calleary pear tree was found among the rubble of the WTC and was badly burned.


911 survivor tree


During the attacks the WTC collapsed and fell on the tree. The remaining tree trunk was charred, but still had a live branch. The tree was salvaged and nursed back to life at the NYC Parks and Recreation and returned to the 911 memorial site in time for the grand opening.  It was named the Survivor Tree because of the tree’s willingness to stay alive despite being crushed under tons of debris from the WTC attacks.

The survivor tree is a symbol of strength and the spirit of resilience, healing, survival and rebirth . The tree is a fighter and thriving today at the 9/11 Memorial site.


The Story Of The Survivor Tree


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