Tech Thursday: Twitter Increases List Limit from 20 to 1000!


Are you a list maker like me?  Twitter made an announcement today increasing the number of lists a single user can create.  You can now make up to 1,000 lists (up from 20) and each list can include up to 5,000 users (up from 500).  


I have always been a huge supporter of Twitter lists.   Twitter lists are a great way to connect with people before, during or after an event.  It’s also a great way to organize your contacts.   You can also review twitter feeds for specific lists you create to connect with people on lists.  This is very useful if you have a large network on Twitter.

You can create a list for an event, people you recently connected with , food, business or an event  hashtag.  With the new 1,000 list limit, the sky is the limit!


Question:  Are you excited about Twitter’s new list feature?  What is your best tip for creating Twitter lists?

Tech Tuesday: Twitter Announces Major Design Changes to Showcase Profiles

Twitter announced some major design change to the way Twitter users can showcase their profiles online.  It makes a profile page an integral part of a users presence online.


The new changes allow users to customize profile pages with header photos that will be visable on, iPad, iPhone and Android.  Profile header photos will also appear across mobile and desktop.

Twitter announced some major design change to the way Twitter users can showcase their profiles online.

New Twitter Profile

The best feature change is the background image enhancements which allows Twitter users to control the elements within the background image of the profile and display the most recent six images you shared via Twitter.

Twitter users can switch to the new profile design starting today.  Read the detailed enhancement report HERE.
Question:  Will you switch to the new profile?  How can the new Twitter profile help you promote your brand online?

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